02:11:42: <waknuk> Submissions mailed to JM.
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10:39:34: <impomatic> Hi :-)
10:40:24: <impomatic> 12 warriors received so far for the Valentine tournament. Still a bit longer to go before the deadline, it's still 14th Feb somewhere to the far west :-D
10:40:44: <impomatic> Received your entries thanks Waknuk
12:57:58: -!- inversed has joined #corewars.
14:09:13: <impomatic> Hi Inversed
14:10:15: <impomatic> Deadline has passed. As soon as I get chance I'll do one final check of spam folders etc in case I missed any entries or any arrived slightly late.
14:10:28: <impomatic> Then I'll set the tournament running.
14:10:34: <inversed> Hi JM
14:11:23: <impomatic> I think it's going to be so close I need to run with -P (15602 rounds!)
14:11:35: <impomatic> Back in a bit
14:12:01: <inversed> Extended cycles with -P will take ages!
14:18:40: <inversed> If -P takes too long, you should run as many fights as possible
15:42:49: <impomatic> I think it'll take about 8 hours.
15:48:54: <inversed> Maybe you can run the final round with -P and qualification with a smaller number of fights
15:49:13: <inversed> Depends on how close the scores are
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17:05:14: * waknuk wonders if the 8 hour estimate is indicative of many papers being entered
18:42:24: <Doxin> hm?
19:24:02: <waknuk> Paper battkes, especially if both are paper, can take a long time
20:03:55: <impomatic> Oh wow, a 12 point lead! http://koth.org/lcgi-bin/current.pl?hill
20:29:40: -!- inversed has joined #corewars.
20:33:13: <inversed> How is the tournament going in terms of % of completion?
20:34:39: <impomatic> Inversed, just got back online. About to start.
20:34:49: <impomatic> Will give updates while I'm online
20:52:58: <impomatic> I just did a quick run with 200 rounds. The top four warriors (from four different authors) are all within a few points.
20:55:16: <impomatic> So I'll try to do -P (which will take 6.5 hours). If that doesn't work (due to numeric overflow in MTS or something) I'll just run with around -r 2000.
20:56:34: <inversed> Or just use CoreWin
20:57:46: <impomatic> Does CoreWin do -P? I haven't used it for a while.
20:58:15: <inversed> Yes, version 2.3 supports -P
20:59:06: <inversed> Intense competition, I am intrigued
21:01:35: <impomatic> There's only two warriors with more that 20% ties.
21:02:42: <impomatic> 8 authors, 12 warriors.
21:22:38: <waknuk> Nice result on the 88 hill Inversed
21:24:15: -!- waknuk has quit (Quit: waknuk).
21:25:17: <impomatic> First 11 of 66 battles have been run :-)
21:25:44: <inversed> With -P?
21:25:50: <impomatic> Yes, with -P
21:27:20: <impomatic> Basilisk looks like a strong contender. It's battled everything else and only lost two battles - Infiltrator and Zygote.
21:28:09: <inversed> 2000 rounds with 11 warriors would give inaccuracy about 1 point, so -P is justified
21:28:53: <inversed> And what is Basilisk exactly?
21:30:09: <impomatic> A scanner.
21:31:30: <inversed> Can you list submitted strategies?
21:34:35: <impomatic> ---------- BASILISK.RED
21:34:37: <impomatic> ;strategy Medusa variant
21:34:38: <impomatic> ---------- BEDBUG.RED
21:34:40: <impomatic> ---------- FROMPMARS.RED
21:34:41: <impomatic> ;strategy fill the core with cute little hearts
21:34:43: <impomatic> ;strategy make love, not corewar!
21:34:44: <impomatic> ---------- INFILTRATOR.RED
21:34:46: <impomatic> ;strategy Self-replicating stone/scan
21:34:47: <impomatic> ;strategy Or a scanning/bombing replicator?
21:34:49: <impomatic> ;strategy Valentine tournament 2015 version
21:34:50: <impomatic> ---------- LATEEIGHT.RED
21:34:52: <impomatic> ;strategy Stone+Scan,AntiVamp,Clear,Gate
21:34:53: <impomatic> ---------- MONOLITH.RED
21:34:55: <impomatic> ;strategy Scanner
21:34:57: <impomatic> ;strategy Valentine tournament 2015 version
21:34:58: <impomatic> ---------- ONCEIN88.RED
21:34:59: <impomatic> ;strategy OneShot,Clear,Gate
21:35:01: <impomatic> ---------- SAPPY.RED
21:35:02: <impomatic> ---------- SCORPION.RED
21:35:04: <impomatic> ;strategy scanner
21:35:05: <impomatic> ---------- SPLENDORED.RED
21:35:07: <impomatic> ;strategy spl/jmp bombing b-scanner
21:35:08: <impomatic> ;strategy extended scanning for 1-million cycle challenge
21:35:10: <impomatic> ;strategy onepass dat wipe finish
21:35:11: <impomatic> ---------- ZEPPELIN.RED
21:35:13: <impomatic> ;strategy bomb stuff
21:35:14: <impomatic> ---------- ZYGOTE.RED
21:35:16: <impomatic> ;strategy Tournament Warrior (Valentine tournament 2015)
21:36:14: <impomatic> The two without a strategy line are evolved.
21:39:45: <inversed> No paper+stones?
21:41:03: <inversed> I thought they were strong in the extended cycles conditions
21:44:18: <inversed> Speaking of basilisks, here is a nice microfiction:
21:44:20: <inversed> http://ansible.uk/writing/c-b-faq.html
21:49:27: <impomatic> That's pretty good. I thought you'd pasted the wrong link to begin with :-D
21:51:07: <impomatic> Zygote is a paper/stone
21:54:24: <impomatic> Battles against SplendoredThing take forever. It scans for ages before switching to the DAT clear.
22:04:31: <inversed> I also wanted to try extended scanning but failed to implement it well
22:20:36: <impomatic> I would've tried a spl/dat clear that cleared with SPL for quite a few passes.
22:23:05: <impomatic> 21 of 66 battles have been run :-)
22:24:54: <impomatic> rdrc: Bedbug Operetta didn't score so well, only beating a couple of opponents - men are from pMARS and rdrc: Sappy Harmonica
22:28:02: <inversed> I imagine that evolving for 88 is rather clunky because of the unorthogonality
22:31:38: <inversed> Time to get some sleep, bye
22:31:52: -!- inversed has quit ().
22:33:48: <impomatic> Dave Hillis had a couple of successful '88 evolved warriors.
22:34:57: <impomatic> Gymnosperm trickery reached age 60 on KOTH's 88 hill in 2003. Conscionable Roommate readed age 57.
22:35:11: <impomatic> Not sure how high they got on the hill. It was before I started logging :-(
23:09:13: <impomatic> 30 of 66 battles complete. men are from pMARS hasn't had much luck. It only beats three opponents, LateEight, Sappy Harmonica and Zeppelin.
23:38:20: <impomatic> 38 of 55 complete. For a moment I thought Infiltrator was going to be unbeated, but Zygote claimed a win in the last battle.