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11:13:59: * waknuk wonders when Valentines day is this year
11:30:29: <inversed> Hi waknuk
11:30:55: <waknuk> Hi inversed
11:31:10: <inversed> And I wonder where JM is
11:31:21: <waknuk> Do you know when John’s deadline is?
11:31:33: <inversed> Deadline is today
11:31:54: <waknuk> End of today GMT?
11:32:12: <inversed> End of today, any time zone
11:32:18: <inversed> Are you participating?
11:33:38: <waknuk> I will but haven’t submitted it yet. I’m working on another and then might tweak the first.
11:35:06: <waknuk> did you submit yours already? I guess you have many exisiting you could send in
11:35:33: <inversed> Submitted my entries yesterday
11:35:55: <inversed> One old, one brand new
11:47:12: <waknuk> It’s soothing watching the pixels move about.
11:58:14: <inversed> One can infinitely stare at fire, water and replicators in CoreWin
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22:18:15: <inversed> Hi impomatic!
22:18:29: <impomatic> Hi Inversed :-)
22:18:45: <inversed> Got any more entries?
22:19:38: <impomatic> I'm still waiting for more entries. The deadline is in about 15 hours (i.e. when 14th Feb has passed everywhere in the world)
22:19:43: <impomatic> 8 warriors so far :-)
22:21:47: <inversed> That's much better than 2
22:22:10: <impomatic> I was hoping for at least 15... oh well. Still a few hours to go.
22:25:07: <impomatic> Have you seen the recent changes on Koenigstuhl? Rerunning some of the hills with more rounds.
22:25:44: <inversed> Yes, tiny scores are now exact
22:29:49: <impomatic> Inversed: do you know if the Russian translations of Dewdney's Core War articles were collected in a book?
22:30:35: <inversed> No, never heard about it
22:32:49: <inversed> I also plan to improve my rankings in the future
22:33:02: <inversed> Add an MDS map for every hill
22:33:20: <impomatic> I think the translations were originally published in V Mire Nauki, July 84, May 85, March 87.
22:34:26: <impomatic> The German and Italian articles ended up being made into a book. Not sure about other languages.
22:36:57: <inversed> Just found a torrent of the magazine archives
22:37:49: <inversed> Strange, never heard about the magazine before
22:38:24: <inversed> Guess it was overshadowed by more popular ones like Nauka i Zhizn
22:38:46: <impomatic> Oh? If there's a scan of the Core War articles I'd be interested to see.
22:41:55: <inversed> Ok, I'll send you a link tomorrow
22:42:10: <impomatic> Thanks :-)
22:43:38: <impomatic> I'm watching a copy of the May 1984 Scientific American on eBay. It's the only one I haven't got and I'd like to replace the low quality scans online.
22:47:38: <inversed> CoreWar was also mentioned in the Russian Computerra magazine
22:49:00: <inversed> And also in Stanislaw Lem's novel "Peace on Earth"
22:54:34: * impomatic goes to Google Computerra :-)
22:56:50: <inversed> I think I learned about CoreWar from Computerra
22:57:32: <inversed> Just found a Russian student's CoreWar project
22:57:54: <inversed> He wanted to open a new hill
22:58:00: <inversed> http://cs.usu.edu.ru/study/CoreWars.htm
22:59:10: <inversed> He says that CoreWar was also mentioned in the "Hacker" magazine
23:02:34: <inversed> Got to go to sleep now, see you tomorrow
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