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19:59:31: <Fizmomaster> hi hi
20:20:39: <impomatic> Hi Fizmomaster :-)
20:21:09: <Fizmomaster> hi impomatic
20:21:36: <impomatic> Did you notice the ICL hill seems to have stopped?
20:21:57: <Fizmomaster> erhh, ok I'll have a look later
20:22:16: <Fizmomaster> I'm working on new 88 warriors for the tournament
20:22:33: <Fizmomaster> playing around with something new
20:22:38: <impomatic> I haven't received any entries yet...
20:22:49: <impomatic> Did you notice Steve's new entry on the '88 hill?
20:24:43: <Fizmomaster> yes, impressive
20:26:36: <impomatic> Not much new on my website this month. Finally added a page about the Prisoner's Dilemma though http://corewar.co.uk/prisonersdilemma.htm
20:28:45: <impomatic> Also I managed to get a copy of Computer-Kurzweil so added a cover scan http://corewar.co.uk/computerkurzweil.htm
20:29:18: <impomatic> It's better than The Armchair Universe :-( Full colour and more articles...
20:30:18: <impomatic> The Italian version is also full colour with more articles http://corewar.co.uk/divertirsiconilcalcolatore.htm
20:30:31: <Fizmomaster> I remember I heard first time about corewar in Spektrum der Wissenschaft
20:31:12: <impomatic> Not sure if there are collections of Dewdney's articles in any other language.
20:52:24: <impomatic> I'll send a tournament reminder out tomorrow...
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