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16:27:44: <impomatic> Hi Waknuk :-)
16:33:06: <waknuk> Hi Impomatic.
16:33:26: <waknuk> Thought I’d have time for corewar today but not yet & not likely.
16:35:23: <impomatic> I might have time later :-)
16:35:31: <impomatic> I have a few projects on the go.
16:36:22: <waknuk> I had some (cw- related) but no progress in the last week or so.
16:36:54: <impomatic> For warriors I'd like to write a couple of things to reclaim some of the tiny hill top 10 positions from Inversed http://sal.discontinuity.info/hill.php?key=tiny
16:37:20: <impomatic> I'll write a new Tinywarrior soon!
16:37:24: <waknuk> KOTH’s a good start…
16:38:23: <waknuk> We both have warriors called Dire Wolf.
16:38:38: -!- impomatic_ has joined #corewars.
16:39:00: <impomatic> Oh! :-(
16:39:40: <impomatic> At least one of my tiny warriors uses that clear I emailed to you :-)
16:40:03: <impomatic> Which can easily run forwards, backwards or as a bishot clear.
16:41:06: <waknuk> I saw you had a a 1-shot on 94nop and wondered if you’d used that clear.
16:42:09: <waknuk> It’s an interesting clear - the constants you have work well (make it act normally for a while).
16:42:47: <waknuk> It’s not a good fit with the warriros I was tryingt to write (things that switch to a dirtected clear)
16:46:33: <impomatic> Got to cook... back in a few hours!
16:46:44: <waknuk> Chores for me too. Perhaps see you later.
17:38:05: <impomatic> By the way, I've recently managed to get the original issues of Scientific American with Dewdney's articles.
17:38:19: <impomatic> I'll make some decent scans to put online.
17:38:40: <impomatic> The currents scans are about 20 years old... Scanner technology has improved a bit since then!
17:42:19: <kanzure> http://diyhpl.us/~bryan/papers2/ai/The%20evolution%20of%20self-replicating%20computer%20organisms%20-%20A.%20N.%20Pargellis.pdf
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19:11:37: <impomatic> kanzure: thanks, I don't think I've read that. The author's name sounds familiar though :-)
19:27:18: <kanzure> i am curious to hear your thoughts on that
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