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07:48:23: <impomatic_> Hi Flower :-)
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23:07:31: <Flower> Hi there impomatic! Sorry I never answered earlier, forgot I had minimized my client and stayed logged in lol.
23:08:00: <impomatic> Hi Flower, are you new to Core War?
23:08:34: <Flower> For the most part yes. I've looked into it years ago but nothing more than what it's about. I never made a warrior or anything.
23:13:24: <impomatic> Well if you need any help, just ask here or rec.games.corewar on Usenet. (and be prepared to wait a few hours for an answer!)
23:15:05: <Flower> The last time I looked it seemed like Core War's didn't have competitons really anymore. Is there a place where people upload their bot to fight others?