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13:25:35: <wexa> Hello
13:26:13: <wexa> I am having some trouble with the MOV command and would need someone to clear me up a little.
13:37:36: <wexa> MOV.I <-2, @-2 doesn't seem to do anything within the core, while I want it to copy the second instruction above as a whole (it's a DAT #0, -6) to the adress written into that b-field (-6, at first) while decrementing said b-field by 1. The decrement works just fine, but nothing is actually moved (neither an instruction nor any a- or b-field). I figured it is because of how the "<" changes
13:37:37: <wexa> the way MOV acts, but I wonder if there would be a workaround, without decrementing the b-field of the DAT #0, -6 with help of an additional command. If I can't decrement AND copy within one instruction, my whole warrior would fail to work as I intended it to.
13:42:34: <wexa> Oh, I'm trying to work with the '94 Standard, I should mention, I think.
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17:22:48: <catageek> Wexa: <-2 means decrement b-field and takes the cell pointed by the b-field, which is the relative line -9 (i.e -2-7) where there is nothing maybe. The destination cell is also line -9
17:23:45: <catageek> so your command does not modify the core at all
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