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21:35:09: <impomatic_> Hi Waknuk :-)
21:35:25: <waknuk> Hi Impomatic.
21:35:43: <waknuk> Trying to write a scanner - hit a problem :(
21:36:32: <waknuk> Pretty quiet tonight.
21:37:05: <impomatic_> Fizmo has got the Dynahill running again :-)
21:37:21: <impomatic_> What's the problem?
21:38:11: <waknuk> Just didn’t think it through properly - accidentally helping the enemny clear me :)
21:39:07: <waknuk> Surprised pendulum didn’t last longer but the hill is not so scanner friendly at the moment
21:40:07: <waknuk> Fizmo’s site has a broken link to ‘The International Corewar League’
21:42:43: <waknuk> Found it: http://icl.corewar.eu/basho1775.htm
21:43:47: <impomatic_> Too many bombing vampires on the hill at the moment :-D
21:44:26: <impomatic_> I've been trying to write an example blur/vamp. Not sure how well it scores.
21:44:45: <waknuk> Hopefully they’ can also be thought of as slow, fat stones
21:46:03: <waknuk> I tried once but it was a disappointment. Didn’t El Kauka (sp) use that strategy for what I think is the most successful k-hill vamp?
21:46:47: <waknuk> ‘slow fat stones’ that don’t need to execute extra instructions to kill.
21:48:05: <impomatic_> Yes, it's the most successful on Koenigstuhl. Probably because it has a qscan.
21:50:11: <impomatic_> Sent the latest blurvamp to 94nop to see how it scores. I don't think it'll make it on.
21:50:35: <waknuk> Ah ok. Mr. Kline is moving unpit higher and higher.
21:52:29: * impomatic_ wonders if Unpit preys on other vampires.
21:53:21: <waknuk> It seems to like imp-stones
21:53:52: <waknuk> Does quite badly vs vamps, right?
21:55:48: <impomatic_> Other way round. Points given is Unpit's score.
21:57:01: <impomatic_> Oh, the new Koenigstuhl open hill is almost complete. (5 warriors left to run).
21:57:08: <waknuk> Ah, I see now it says that in the last line. I get confused/stop reading at the 2nd-last
21:58:29: <waknuk> That’s a good idea. Is pdQscan the one on the hill (bar constants)?
22:00:49: <impomatic_> The constants might be the same, it's a resubmission. I think I mentioned to Paul it'd enter as king so he sent it to see if I was right!
22:01:12: <waknuk> Were you?
22:02:18: <impomatic_> I can't remember. I've made the same claim to a few people this year and was only wrong once.
22:03:18: <impomatic_> I made a benchmark as close to the hill as possible using hill warriors where available, otherwise using the closest warrior I could find.
22:03:31: <impomatic_> Then ran the entire of Koenigstuhl against the benchmark :-)
22:04:25: <impomatic_> I should do the same again, but to see what I need to submit to rescue Nosferatu!
22:04:25: <waknuk> Hence accurate prediction:)
22:11:08: <waknuk> Do you think “pmars -l 500 -d 500” would make life hard for QS’s due to extra decoy space.
22:14:35: <impomatic_> Hmmm... the qscan is 5 times more likely to find the opponent, but it'll take 5 times as long to bomb it giving the opponent more time to boot away.
22:15:58: <impomatic_> That's if the qscan doesn't take advantage of the extra space to have more scans. (Or even a dual qscan)
22:16:15: <waknuk> Yeah, that’s a problem.
22:16:45: <waknuk> But QScans are very brittle so maybe not.
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23:40:06: <impomatic_> Computer randomly crashed :-(
23:41:08: <waknuk> My scanner too…
23:41:23: <waknuk> Not really, but it looks very different now to what I had planned.
23:42:44: <impomatic_> :-)
23:43:23: <impomatic_> Inversed's Agony style scanners have been doing well.
23:45:08: <impomatic_> What type of scanner are you writing?
23:45:08: <waknuk> Are those the on’es on the LP hill?
23:45:49: <waknuk> (I just looked and saw the 4x transaprent one write-up, sounds interesting)
23:46:04: <impomatic_> No, on 94nop. There's not one there at the moment, but they keep popping up.
23:46:27: <waknuk> I was trying to write soemthing that wasn’t HSA but it got closer and clsoer to it (with worse and worse scores) so now is just a mess.
23:47:57: <waknuk> It was a .b scanner but is now a cmp scanner whcih is getting longer than I wanted
23:48:46: <waknuk> Do you get stats any more of what pages on your web-sitre are viewed?
23:54:11: <impomatic_> No, I really ought to set up logs.
23:56:22: <waknuk> You miight have got a clue what I’m trying to do :)