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12:43:07: <impomatic> Hi Inversed :-)
12:43:58: <impomatic> I reported the SAL problem to Bvowk and he was looking into it with Joonas.
12:50:05: <inversed> Hi JM!
12:51:01: <inversed> Can't wait to try some new LP warriors
12:51:18: <inversed> Quad scanner for example
13:03:50: <impomatic> Apparently the trouble started when the machine running SAL was upgraded :-(
13:05:59: <inversed> Strange, I thought it was a software issue
13:06:15: * impomatic is attempting to recover data from some old 5.25" drives.
13:08:02: <inversed> I only used 3.5" disks and absolutely hated them for their low reliability
13:08:14: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
13:08:48: <inversed> Hi Doxin
13:08:55: <Doxin> heya
13:11:19: <impomatic> Hi Doxin
13:12:07: <Doxin> whatcha all up to?
13:13:14: <inversed> Cleaning up LP warriors to submit to Koenigstuhl
13:15:07: <impomatic> Doxin: trying to get a Kryoflux board to recover data from a 5.25" disk
13:16:35: <impomatic> The disk is of the RobotWar tournament winners from the tournaments organised by the RobotWar Society in the early 80's.
13:16:44: <Doxin> oh wow
13:16:47: <Doxin> old stuff
13:16:56: <Doxin> awesome
13:21:56: <inversed> Al Zimmermann's programming contest page is also down
13:24:09: <impomatic> I'd forgotten about that. I think I got to about 24.92 points then no futher improvements.
13:25:22: <inversed> A decent score. What method did you use?
13:26:51: <impomatic> Generate a random board. Keep switching two numbers. If the score improves, keep them switched, otherwise switch them back.
13:27:14: <inversed> = Local search
13:27:26: <impomatic> After switching two numbers it isn't necessary to re-evaluate the entire board so it's fairly quick.
13:27:42: <inversed> = Delta-evaluation
13:27:57: <impomatic> :-)
13:28:18: <impomatic> Obviously I reset the board to random if there's been no improvement for a while.
13:29:25: <inversed> I use the same swap-2 neighbourhood, but employ simulated annealing instead of the local search
13:29:59: <inversed> SA is much more powerfull
13:30:42: <inversed> But I'm afraid that the swap-2 neighborhood is just not good enough
13:32:18: <inversed> Have you noticed that in good solutions distance to the center is highly correlated with the number of divisors?
13:34:11: <impomatic> I hadn't looked that closely, I just placed numbers with the most divisors near the centre (or near the edge) when generating random boards.
13:35:46: <inversed> Perhaps there is a better way to exploit this fact
13:43:50: -!- inversed has parted #corewars.
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13:51:50: <inversed_> Here's my super-transparent LP quad-scanner:
13:51:52: <inversed_> http://www.corewar.eu/corepaste/id.php?id=25
14:03:58: <inversed_> Impomatic, if you want to host Randy on corewar.co.uk, here is the link to the latest version:
14:04:11: <inversed_> https://yadi.sk/d/yu3vZHcRcnUDr
14:04:40: <inversed_> Includes mod-4 step lists which I forgot the last time
14:05:51: <impomatic> Either corewar.eu or my connection is slow :-(
14:09:49: -!- impomatic has quit (Read error: Connection timed out).
14:11:01: -!- impomatic has joined #corewars.
14:12:06: <impomatic> Either corewar.eu or my connection is slow :-(
14:14:56: <inversed_> Probably your connection
14:22:16: <impomatic> inversed_ I'll have some feedback about Randy when I've tied the new version :-)
14:23:06: <impomatic> I was getting a few errors from the first version, probably because it didn't like my config file.
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14:38:47: -!- impomatic_ is now known as impomatic.
14:40:54: <inversed_> Got to go, bye
14:41:01: * impomatic waves
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