00:01:08: <waknuk> Joonas had a program once which analysed warriors and grouped similar one’s together.
00:02:02: <impomatic_> Each page linked from the strategy section (http://corewar.co.uk/strategy.htm ) will have example code for the major variants of each strategy plus links to significant warriors.
00:03:01: <impomatic_> Inversed has recently written a program which groups warriors based on their score. http://corewar.eu/forum/showthread.php?tid=135
00:04:42: <waknuk> Hmm, I’ll have to find my password for that site in order to see the images
00:05:28: <waknuk> But, I see you put a reference there to Joonas’s self-organising maps - ta
00:11:00: <impomatic_> I wonder if the self-organising map would be able to make anything of the nano scores :-) They're all over the place.
00:13:11: * waknuk found the password
00:13:18: <impomatic_> :-)
00:15:33: <waknuk> Inversed’s 94nop pic is interesting. It gets that almost all my submisisons are one-shots
00:16:09: <impomatic_> I recently ran the entire of Koenigstuhl against Wilkies out of curiosity. The best score is 217.2 Wilkies from "Pattel's Virus"
00:17:25: <waknuk> 217! I remember when Wilkies was the only benchmark I knew or used
00:20:22: <impomatic_> Combatra scores highest against virtually every other benchmark, Wilbez, Wilmoo, etc.
00:21:02: <impomatic_> Probably because I ran the benchmarks for ~1000 rounds
00:22:03: <waknuk> Perhaps Pattel’s Virus was tuned against Wilkies, Combatra was more recent I think
00:24:37: <waknuk> It would be interesting to have a time-dimesion to inversed’s and Joonas’s maps so one could see which warriors were the trail-blazers
00:26:22: <impomatic_> Would definitely be interesting and some of the dates could automatically be picked of from the 94nop hill logs.
00:26:49: <waknuk> I like your 404 page ;)
00:27:42: <impomatic_> It's not very useful at the moment! I just wanted to get the 404 working after moving to a Windows server.
00:28:10: <impomatic_> Unfortunately there's quite a few 404s while I'm building the new site.
00:37:01: <waknuk> Do you know how to interpret Fizmo’s hill? http://icl.corewar.eu/basho1720.htm
00:40:10: <impomatic_> One warrior fights 15 others and moves up or down according to it's score. Warriors for various settings have an advantage (e.g. I think '88 vs 94nop has a 10% bonus for the 88 warrior on the score and I think nano vs 94nop has several nano warriors loaded into core at once)
00:40:37: <waknuk> It seems odd that my highest performing warriors on it are papers.
00:41:40: <impomatic_> I think that's because it goes by who won a confrontation rather than score.
00:42:47: <impomatic_> So if you score 101 vs the opponent's 99 it's worth 1 point. But scoring 149 vs the opponent's 151 would be worth nothing.
00:42:57: <waknuk> Are Eveil Spirit & Utterer ’88 the same rank - joint 2nd or 3rd & 4th?
00:43:31: <waknuk> Ah, ok winner-takes-all
00:46:59: <impomatic_> Warrior on left is one place higher than warrior on right.
00:48:29: <impomatic_> I need to get some sleep. Will be back later today with full results, and some other bits and pieces :-)
00:48:33: * impomatic_ waves
00:48:53: <waknuk> Thank’s for organising. Wil check tomorrow
00:48:56: * waknuk waves
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