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17:38:07: <LtRipley> hi
18:11:37: <impomatic_> Hi LtRipley :-)
18:48:32: <LtRipley> hey there :)
18:48:52: <LtRipley> it seems my first tries of staying on the hill where without success
18:49:15: <LtRipley> but is there any way to analyse how i got killed?
19:13:56: <Doxin> LtRipley: some hills allow you to download warriors, kunigstuhl being one
19:13:59: <Doxin> typos
20:11:03: <impomatic_> You can single step through your warrior to see where it went wrong. Or ask us to take a look to see if it has any obvious bugs.
20:14:40: <impomatic_> There's a beginner's hill at http://sal.discontinuity.info/hill.php?key=94b where you might have more success to begin with. Unfortunately it's down at the moment but someone's looking into it.
20:15:19: <impomatic_> Also the multiwarrior hill can sometimes be a bit easier to get on http://www.koth.org/lcgi-bin/current.pl?hill94m
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