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12:39:19: <impomatic> "I wanna play Core Wars on a lawn with people moving the, er, code bits, like they do with chess."
12:47:32: <wei2912> :P
12:48:56: <impomatic> Quoting someone on twitter :-)
13:12:07: <Doxin> impomatic: that's going to be one long tournament :P
13:12:25: <Doxin> I gues you'd have to run with a small core either way
13:13:30: <impomatic> Maybe CORESIZE==3, MAXLENGTH==1. All battles are over in under 10 cycles :-)
13:13:36: <Doxin> hah
13:13:58: <Doxin> you could still have a tie though
13:15:03: <impomatic> But you'd know it's a tie if they're both still alive after 10 cycles
13:17:25: <impomatic> There's actually an unbeatable warrior under those settings :-)
13:17:49: <Doxin> oh
13:17:50: <Doxin> neat
13:18:11: <impomatic> By the way, here's a preview of the rules for the Halloween Tournament http://corewar.co.uk/halloween2014.htm
13:18:36: <impomatic> I just need to tidy them up, nothing major will change :-)
13:19:46: <Doxin> hmm
13:41:14: <impomatic> Doxin: I eventually managed to split and sort those rgc posts!
13:43:12: <impomatic> Unfortunately the Python email library couldn't handle that much data and kept complaining about high-ASCII characters. In the end I had to write one program to split the messages into monthly files then another to sort each file.
13:43:56: <impomatic> I've put a few months online here http://corewar.co.uk/rgc.htm
13:44:30: <impomatic> After that there are quite a few spam messages I need to manually remove :-(
14:02:23: <Doxin> hum
14:02:49: <Doxin> impomatic: I'm guessing the python mail lib was complaining because the encoding was somewhat broken
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16:57:39: <impomatic> Oh! The Art of CoreWar just passed 1000! :-) http://www.koth.org/lcgi-bin/current.pl?hill94nop
16:57:56: <impomatic> It's pretty low on the hill, I wasn't sure if it'd make it...
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