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13:22:10: <impomatic> Hi :-)
13:22:29: * impomatic is still working on the rec.games.corewar archive!
13:24:48: <impomatic> I now have 9 partial archives of the newsgroup from different sources. All have gaps, so I'm working on recombining, sorting, removing duplicates and splitting.
13:25:02: <wei2912> i should probably get into corewars after my exams
13:26:04: <impomatic> wei2912: there's a tournament in October (announcement coming soon)... If that's too soon there will be another early next year ($50 first prize).
13:26:29: <wei2912> impomatic, heh, i'm a beginner :P
13:26:56: <wei2912> haven't got past anything more advanced than an imp gate
13:26:56: <impomatic> wei2912: beginners have won tournaments in the past :-D
13:28:10: <impomatic> Hopefully I'll have the new website online by the time you've finished exams...
13:28:26: <wei2912> that'd be in a month's time
13:28:34: <wei2912> if you do that'd be excellent :D
13:29:11: <wei2912> impomatic, gl with it :)
13:29:18: <impomatic> Hmmm... I don't work that fast, sorry :-P
13:29:50: <impomatic> But I'll share the bits I've completed in here...
13:30:19: <impomatic> I've trying to write something like this for every strategy http://corewar.co.uk/imp.htm
13:34:35: <wei2912> i see
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