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17:18:37: -!- Doctor1C has joined #corewars.
17:18:45: <Doctor1C> hi
17:27:11: <Doctor1C> pretty dead
17:27:12: <Doctor1C> here
17:28:08: <Doctor1C> =(
17:29:24: <Doctor1C> are you guys too busy playing corewars?
17:34:04: <Doctor1C> i am going to make a warrior that can beat everything and that does not afraid of anything
17:34:09: <Doctor1C> he will beat you
17:34:16: <Doctor1C> until you are beaten
17:34:24: <Doctor1C> in corewars
17:34:52: <Doctor1C> sorry boys but you will have to fight for second place from then on
17:34:57: <Doctor1C> because first place will be me
17:35:08: <Doctor1C> 1 WARRIOR TO RULE THEM ALL
17:35:15: <Doctor1C> I WILL REIGN SUPREME
17:35:17: <Doctor1C> BELIEVE IT
17:37:34: <Doctor1C> man i watched the logs
17:37:53: <Doctor1C> this irc is pretty dead but sometimes poeple actually speak in here
17:37:59: <Doctor1C> taht would be awsome
17:38:17: <Doctor1C> i should stay here forever waiting for my corewarrior in shining armor
17:44:57: <Doctor1C> i am going to try corewars
17:45:00: <Doctor1C> it looks nice
17:54:07: <Doctor1C> i think that i am going to make a replicator first
17:54:14: <Doctor1C> they look nice
17:54:19: <Doctor1C> BELIEVE IT
18:13:10: <impomatic> Hi :-)
18:13:38: <impomatic> Eating. Back shortly :-)
18:15:16: <impomatic> Doctor1C: no-one has written a warrior which reigns supreme yet. At least something always beats it :-)
18:15:20: <impomatic> Good luck.
18:16:35: <impomatic> By the way, look out for a tournament announcement within the next few weeks. The Halloween Core War Tournament has a $50 first prize :-)
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