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13:58:24: <impomatic> On 15th June 2002 Blacken was finally pushed off, age 1363 :-) http://corewar.co.uk/blacken.htm
14:02:14: * impomatic wonders if now would be a good time to play another round of Redcode football! http://www.corewar.info/tournament/21.htm
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21:21:12: <satoriuplink> sup
21:22:57: <impomatic> Hi satoriuplink
21:23:34: <satoriuplink> hiya
21:23:35: <satoriuplink> how goes?
21:25:58: <john_metcalf> Just got back from camping... catching up with what's new :-)
21:26:06: <satoriuplink> im jus checking out corewars as a possible route for learning asm.
21:26:17: <satoriuplink> mornin
21:27:27: <john_metcalf> Redcode is much easier to learn than most asm, so it's a good starting point.
21:27:37: <satoriuplink> cool
21:27:47: <satoriuplink> id like to jus get some of the basic motions down..
21:27:56: <satoriuplink> its all super cryptic to me so
21:27:58: <john_metcalf> A few schools / books use Redcode to teach asm.
21:28:02: <satoriuplink> jus starting on -something- i think would be good
21:28:22: <satoriuplink> who knows how far ill get.. my motivation tends to ebb an flo ;)
21:28:24: <satoriuplink> but
21:29:00: <john_metcalf> Which asm do you eventually want to learn?
21:29:12: <satoriuplink> ahh havent made it that far yet
21:29:13: <satoriuplink> heheh
21:29:25: <satoriuplink> nothing in mind i guess..
21:29:28: <satoriuplink> x86 ?
21:29:41: <satoriuplink> not so sure it matters much at this point.
21:30:27: <satoriuplink> maybe something like verilog or vhdl? not 'asm' perse but, ive heard its similar..
21:30:45: <satoriuplink> beaing able to program an fpga would be fun id think
21:30:48: <satoriuplink> being
21:31:24: <john_metcalf> Redcode is a good starting point. Alternatively a microcontroller with a very small instruction set, e.g. msp430
21:31:43: <satoriuplink> *nodnod*
21:31:56: <satoriuplink> yeah smaller the better i think hehe, im easily overwhelmed hehe
21:33:43: <john_metcalf> Msp430 has under 30 instructions and you can buy an msp430 on a programmable usb stick for about $5
21:34:09: <satoriuplink> oh cool
21:34:23: <satoriuplink> what can one -do- with that ?
21:34:54: <john_metcalf> ares has an expanded redcode instuction set, including screen i/o etc.
21:35:23: <satoriuplink> john - happen to have a link for the msp430 + its usb interface?
21:36:58: <john_metcalf> The msp430 boards have several i/o lines you can attach to sensors / output devices etc. You can program them to do almost anything
21:37:06: <satoriuplink> hmm cool
21:41:29: <impomatic> Try searching for EZ430-F2013, although there's a MSP430 Launchpad for about the same price with more memory.
21:42:25: <satoriuplink> cool
21:42:30: <satoriuplink> see it on mouser
21:44:49: <satoriuplink> thx
21:47:54: <impomatic> There's a free assembler / flasher available for it so you don't have to install the entire toolchain.
21:48:38: <satoriuplink> huh cool.
21:49:11: <impomatic> If you learn Redcode, ARES and pMARS both have a single step debugger. You can see exactly what your code is doing.
21:49:47: <satoriuplink> nice