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10:54:43: <inversed_> Hello, JM!
10:56:45: <john_metcalf> Hi!
10:57:00: <inversed_> How's the tournament going?
10:57:09: <john_metcalf> All up and running... big core first.
10:57:14: <inversed_> How many entries are there?
10:57:21: <john_metcalf> 21
10:57:28: <inversed_> That's quite a lot
10:57:53: <john_metcalf> So far!
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11:00:56: <impomatic> That's better, easier to type on the computer than the tablet...
11:02:00: <impomatic> Currently an evolved program by Datawraith vs Blood Thirsty by Kiv on the big screen :-)
11:02:31: <inversed_> Cool, can you make some photos?
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11:07:33: <catageek> , ,)
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11:18:09: <impomatic_> Apparently the light will be better as the sun moves around...
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11:19:51: <inversed_> How many fights per battle?
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11:20:06: <impomatic_> 750
11:23:28: <inversed_> BTW, how about a new issue of TinyWarrior?
11:23:56: <inversed_> I can provide Silent Snowfall
11:24:32: <inversed_> And I've just evolved some really strong tiny papers
11:25:15: <impomatic_> I've started work on a new tw but didn't finish yet
11:27:45: <impomatic_> I wanted to see a bit of activity to know a few of my warriors off first.
11:27:57: <impomatic_> Not the vampires though! Please leave the vamps alone.
11:28:28: <inversed_> I'll submit a bunch of evolved papers today
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11:29:06: <impomatic_> :-)
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11:53:35: * impomatic_ wishes for dark clouds and better lighting!
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12:08:57: <impomatic_> Focus just crushed dipromudogrydebalogrele, almost 100% wins :-)
12:10:59: <impomatic_> Awful lighting, sorry. dipromudogrydebalogrele vs Impatient Darwinian http://imgur.com/pfmj06N
12:12:24: <impomatic_> 48% wins to ID, 32% to Dip...
12:15:03: <inversed_> Wow, maybe sending Focus was not a bad idea after all
12:16:23: <inversed_> Still, I'm not satisfied with it
12:16:54: <inversed_> With DClear, it may loose to papers in the large core horribly
12:17:18: <impomatic_> pMARS running on a Raspberry Pi https://twitter.com/john_metcalf/status/472713156142587905
12:17:29: <inversed_> With SD-clear, it does well against papers, but worse against everything else
12:19:29: <impomatic_> Did you see the clear in Flux, a SPL/DIV clear
12:19:59: <inversed_> You even made a huge CoreWar poster, good job
12:20:26: <inversed_> Yes, spl/div clear is very neat indeed
12:22:03: <inversed_> Haven't thought about it at the time
12:24:49: <impomatic_> I'll try to get more photos shortly.
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12:56:36: <impomatic_> Core Memory on display :-) https://twitter.com/john_metcalf/status/472722732942389249
13:07:01: <inversed_> I wonder how it was produced
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13:09:22: <impomatic_> The first tournament results are in! The big core 55440 results https://twitter.com/xcorewar/status/472725852976062464
13:09:24: <impomatic_> Core memory was threaded by hand I believe...
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13:20:27: <tempric> Hah! Go scanners 8-)
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13:23:18: <inversed_> I expected lots of oneshots, and it looks like this is the case
13:23:21: <tempric> Hmmm. Looks as if I should have added the decoy-gen after all
13:23:55: <inversed_> tempric, which entries are yours?
13:23:59: <tempric> YAHSAC is basically HSA with step changes, Reconstituted Recon 2
13:24:28: <tempric> Robert Macrae btw but this is the first time I've used IRC and I'm struggling
13:25:16: <tempric> I guess a more meaningfull nick would be handy
13:26:17: <tempric> I wasn't expecting replicators but did think there would be imp-stones
13:26:57: <inversed_> And I was expecting the opposide :)
13:27:03: <inversed_> Evolved warriors really help the scanners
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13:27:41: <tempric> Reps lose out badly through no QS, and failure to kill IS
13:28:28: <inversed_> No qs - not a problem in the tiny core
13:28:41: <tempric> I put half my time into a Torch-like SPL bomber purely to kill scanners, but in the end it wasn't competitive
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13:28:59: <impomatic_> Hi tempric :-)
13:29:02: <tempric> True, but you need wins in 8000 as well
13:29:17: <inversed_> At least it would've been something original
13:29:19: <tempric> <bows>
13:29:24: <impomatic_> Try using /nick newname
13:29:39: -!- tempric is now known as RobertMacrae.
13:29:43: <RobertMacrae> Hah!
13:30:01: <inversed_> I'm tired of those Recon2 clones
13:30:13: <RobertMacrae> Its my first so I'm not 8-)
13:30:18: <inversed_> WRITE YOUR OWN SCANNER ALREADY!
13:30:21: <impomatic_> Tiny core next :-) RvR vs SF https://twitter.com/xcorewar/status/472731171059941377
13:30:33: <impomatic_> Tiny core seems to photograph better on the projector :-)
13:30:33: <RobertMacrae> 6557 is a really special number, finding alternatives was half the challenge
13:31:01: <inversed_> I wrote a mathematica script for that
13:31:08: <RobertMacrae> I had a look at revising Phantasm, which is as much my own as anything I'd written...
13:31:10: <inversed_> It is actually very easy
13:31:22: <RobertMacrae> Matlab, but same once I'd got my head round it
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13:31:42: <impomatic_> Hi johnklewis :-)
13:31:47: <RobertMacrae> Hi John
13:31:47: <johnklewis> Hi
13:31:58: <johnklewis> Hi... just waking up here, 7:10 am
13:32:05: <RobertMacrae> I'm being told to write my own code. Most unfair.
13:32:06: <johnklewis> 7:30... sigh
13:32:10: <johnklewis> Need coffee.
13:32:37: <impomatic_> There are a few photos in the log, including 94x results http://codu.org/logs/log/_corewars/2014-05-31
13:32:38: <johnklewis> Robert, are you evolving again?
13:32:45: <inversed_> Imp-killing steps script:
13:32:46: <inversed_> FindTime[Step_,ImpStep_]:=If[CoprimeQ[Step,CoreSize],({i,j}/.FindInstance[i*Step==ImpStep+j*CoreSize,{i,j},Integers][[1]])[[1]],CoreSize]
13:33:14: <johnklewis> Were there many imp spirals?
13:33:28: <impomatic_> Question: is a mirrored imp considered to be a imp ring?
13:33:40: <inversed_> Well, almost :)
13:33:42: <johnklewis> A version of one.
13:34:09: <impomatic_> Then Anders Ivner didn't invent imp rings!
13:34:20: <johnklewis> lol
13:34:26: <inversed_> Don't tell me that I'm the only one who sent a stone/imp
13:34:43: <johnklewis> I sent scanner/coreclear
13:34:44: <RobertMacrae> Like the script, but I also wanted some other coverage properties
13:35:14: <impomatic_> Jonathan Roy invented mirrored imps in May 1992, but they weren't called mirrored imps until about 4 years later...
13:35:16: <RobertMacrae> I thought there would be lots of IS
13:35:51: <RobertMacrae> ... they get hurt less by losing QS than replicators and do well against scanners
13:35:52: <johnklewis> 20 lines of code is small... is it large enough for a Die Hard?
13:35:55: <impomatic_> I've been writing this for the new webpage :-) http://corewar.co.uk/imp.htm
13:36:04: <RobertMacrae> 25 lines?
13:37:02: <inversed_> I really like the oldskool Rave/Agony-style scanners
13:37:07: <impomatic_> I don't think anyone submitted a paper/imp, but it's certainly possible. There have been a few on the tiny hill.
13:37:32: <johnklewis> Hey, my code did really badly, I'm not surprised as all. :-)
13:37:37: <inversed_> And I wish people wrote their own variations instead of cloning Recon2
13:37:51: <RobertMacrae> John, never *actually* evolved. Did theorise about it at some length but never coded it up.
13:38:30: <johnklewis> I evolved some things, but it was early days for evolving. The code was quite raw.
13:38:58: <RobertMacrae> CW is a good testbed for evolutionary solutions because it has some very hard aspects -- mapping code into a space in which you can optimise well is extremely challenging.
13:39:03: <johnklewis> Completely random starting points and it took quite a long time to get to a stable bit of code you could pull out of the soup.
13:39:22: <RobertMacrae> The fact that "evolved warriors" are so stereotyped illustrates the problem well
13:39:27: <inversed_> BTW, even with imp-killing steps Recon2 appears to have some difficulties with imps at the large core
13:40:02: * impomatic_ still needs to write a good agony/rave scanner :-)
13:40:34: <johnklewis> agony was amazing when it came out. Everyone was perplexed.
13:40:41: <RobertMacrae> Inversed, yes. Basically it doesn't latch on often enough, and it doesn't carpet early enough to stop a really heavy imp being created
13:40:50: <RobertMacrae> Combine the 2 and you can't kill reliably
13:41:20: <johnklewis> Is the tournament still going or has it finished?
13:41:21: <RobertMacrae> One of hte reasons I dusted off seven-eleven
13:41:45: <RobertMacrae> AFAIC only big core is complete
13:42:05: <johnklewis> brb
13:43:53: <RobertMacrae> I stole Iron Gate for one competition
13:44:09: <johnklewis> I found this https://twitter.com/xcorewar/status/472725852976062464
13:44:10: <RobertMacrae> ... so at least I'm copying unusual code
13:44:16: <johnklewis> I got third from last!!!
13:44:50: <RobertMacrae> What does it do?
13:45:31: <johnklewis> Scans core with a badly picked step, when it finds something, it copies a stun stun clear above it.
13:45:51: <johnklewis> And jumps there.
13:46:16: -!- impomatic__ has joined #corewars.
13:46:25: <johnklewis> The problem is that I have no idea if the step finds itself at some point.
13:46:27: <RobertMacrae> So I guess against scanners you have fairly big profile?
13:46:43: <impomatic__> Still going. Tiny currently running. Nop will be last (because the nop score has twice the weight)
13:46:46: <RobertMacrae> > I have no idea if the step finds itself at some point.
13:46:52: <RobertMacrae> This does not sound good
13:47:18: <inversed_> I allways check such things visually using CoreWin
13:47:54: <RobertMacrae> I also had a quick look at a bombdodger on the grounds that IS might kill the scanners
13:48:20: <RobertMacrae> Might work for 55440 but didn't seem plausible for tiny
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13:53:16: <impomatic__> Inversed_ vs Fizmomaster https://twitter.com/john_metcalf/status/472737232001183744
13:57:23: <inversed_> Mirrored imps clearly visible
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14:01:10: <impomatic__> Inversed_ vs Fizmomaster https://twitter.com/john_metcalf/status/472737232001183744
14:01:15: <impomatic__> Sorry, I keep dropping connection...
14:01:44: <impomatic__> Have pmars running on raspberry Pi. Does anyone know how to make the pixels for each core cell larger? -v xxx isn't doing it
14:02:26: <inversed_> No idea, I only use CoreWin
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14:09:08: <RobertMacrae> I'm afraid not. Could try text output mode I guess but pmarsw doesn't want to do this so I can't experiment
14:12:05: <johnklewis> Back, kids are running around and Saturdays the wife sleeps in.
14:12:23: <johnklewis> Yes, my step size was untested because of time problems.
14:12:40: <johnklewis> No idea how it will do in Tiny or NOP
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14:29:43: <waknuk> Hi all. See a couple of oldie names today.
14:30:34: <johnklewis> Some
14:30:36: <johnklewis> ;-)
14:31:02: <johnklewis> I heard about the tournament from a friend, with -2 days to enter.
14:31:08: <waknuk> yeah, that’d be You, Robert & jkw (but he’s always here and idle)
14:32:27: <waknuk> I had plenty of warning but no time. Back from overseas trip yesterday - jet-lagged or would be in Cambridge today.
14:32:55: <johnklewis> Sounds like John Metcalf is having fun there.
14:33:06: <johnklewis> I wonder how bit the audience is.
14:33:23: <johnklewis> There was that one group that had a hill and you could bet on results.
14:33:29: <johnklewis> Forgotten the name.
14:33:35: <waknuk> Interesting screenshots on twitter. Looks like John’s put a lot of effor tinto it.
14:33:54: <johnklewis> But they have a really cool display for their core, it was a donut shape.
14:34:20: <waknuk> Really? Pizza was before my time but I don’t think that was it. Not koth, or Sourceforge (defunct) or Sal.
14:34:40: <johnklewis> No, it was only around a short time.
14:34:50: <johnklewis> It was too obvious who was going to win.
14:35:01: <johnklewis> And easily rigged, so betting wasn't going to happen.
14:35:44: <waknuk> Figures. I wonder what hardware John is using - Rasberry Pi might be a little slow...
14:37:02: <johnklewis> Even Rasberry Pi is faster than anything we had back when we did this.
14:37:40: <johnklewis> What's killer is displaying so the audience (if there is one) can understand it whilst still getting it done.
14:38:13: <johnklewis> Probably best to have two machines, one for show off a sample fight and one to fight. They would likely finish as the same time.
14:38:21: <waknuk> Is there a stream for the tournament or are all the results coing via twitter?
14:38:35: <johnklewis> Twitter, AFAIK, is the stream... and here.
14:38:54: <johnklewis> Although impomatic keeps dropping.
14:39:10: <waknuk> Dropping? In here?
14:39:26: <johnklewis> I think he walks away from his client and it idles out.
14:39:35: <johnklewis> "impomatic__ left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)"
14:39:38: <waknuk> (I forget, my name’s all messed up - I’m a Phil but not Phil Kendall)
14:39:45: <johnklewis> Hi!
14:40:31: <waknuk> Hi. It’s also nice to see inversed has returned
14:42:49: <johnklewis> corewars betting ring http://archive.today/glQyl
14:43:58: <johnklewis> bbiab
14:44:06: <waknuk> Wow, interesting.
14:53:12: <johnklewis> Yes, imagine if it had tarn off.
14:53:27: <johnklewis> taken^
14:54:12: <waknuk> Wew, saved a trip to the dictionary there
14:54:29: <waknuk> I foudn this about it: http://www.khm.de/~s2/pages/write/cw2.html
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14:57:50: <waknuk> pak21_, currently idle in #nethack, is (a) Phil K.
15:02:19: -!- impomatic__ has joined #corewars.
15:02:51: <impomatic__> Hi, back again :-)
15:02:52: <impomatic__> Hi Waknuk :-)
15:02:53: <impomatic__> Was busy taking to visitors...
15:02:54: <waknuk> Hi Mr. impomatic - sorry I didn’t turn up/
15:03:38: <waknuk> I was looking for unpublished warrios until 2am, but then jet-lag
15:05:15: <impomatic__> :-)
15:06:03: <impomatic__> Not to worry... Maybe we could just meet in Cambridge at some point. The museum is putting pMARS on permanent display to demonstrate assembly language.
15:06:56: <waknuk> Sounds good - I was looking at web-site, seems like an interesting place. #2 on trip-advisor a surprise though
15:07:22: <waknuk> Have you had any famous vistors yet? FatalC?
15:08:14: <RobertMacrae> [16:06] <impomatic__> "pMARS on permanent display to demonstrate assembly language" -- neat idea
15:18:08: <waknuk> Hi Robert. I stole one of your warriors once (One Fat Lady)
15:18:34: <waknuk> John, are you going to display the #CoreWar art on your site?
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15:21:20: -!- john_metcalf has joined #corewars.
15:21:53: -!- impomatic__ has joined #corewars.
15:22:34: <impomatic__> Did you check the irc log? Not all photos went to my twitter feed http://codu.org/logs/log/_corewars/2014-05-31
15:22:45: <impomatic__> Hopefully I'll get a better net connection back at the hotel.
15:25:49: <waknuk> I didn’t know we stil had logs - looking now, thank you.
15:27:18: <impomatic__> https://twitter.com/john_metcalf/status/472761002841620481
15:30:21: <impomatic__> Last link was tiny results. Bit late posting, quite a few visitors.
15:32:38: -!- john_metcalf has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
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15:42:56: -!- impomatic__ has joined #corewars.
15:43:29: <impomatic__> All done!
15:43:30: <impomatic__> Here are the winners for each coresize https://twitter.com/john_metcalf/status/472765154640543745
15:43:34: <impomatic__> I'll add up the totals later... It's time to pack up
15:47:49: <waknuk> I hope Roy found his cat.
15:47:59: -!- impomatic__ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds).
15:50:09: <johnklewis> YES! I got last place... on the tiny competition. Sigh... such bad step sizes. I'm sure it was horrible.
15:53:08: <waknuk> You could revise it and submit to the Sal tiny hill
15:53:40: -!- impomatic__ has joined #corewars.
15:56:09: <waknuk> Lots of short scanners on 94nop
15:58:15: <impomatic__> Off to hotel. Back online later with full results :-)
15:58:22: <impomatic__> :-)
15:58:26: <RobertMacrae> I remember One Fat Lady -- competition warrior, restricted '88 rules?
15:58:27: * impomatic__ likes short scanners
15:58:35: -!- impomatic__ has parted #corewars.
15:59:04: <waknuk> Yes, I revised it a bit as Fat Expansion. Plus added one of john’s 88 QS’s to it. did ok.
15:59:33: <waknuk> The revision was mostly removing the tournament restrictions.
16:01:55: <RobertMacrae> I've just opened it up, looks quite odd. 10pt imp and 18 process vamp -- was there a process restriction to 32?
16:02:59: <waknuk> I dont’ recall the tournament restrictions. You had a write-up http://para.inria.fr/~doligez/corewar/post/OneFatLady%5B2%5D.txt
16:04:05: <waknuk> Looks like it was normal 88 core with reduced instruction set
16:05:21: <waknuk> I was wrong about the QS - looks like I used yours too. I must have used John’s elsewhere.
16:06:35: <johnklewis> This is what I used:
16:07:35: <johnklewis> http://pastebin.com/W6dCmkpw
16:08:11: <johnklewis> It's a modified Redpixel, shortened and with untested step sizes... I'm sure it's hitting itself in at least one of these cores... probably tiny.
16:12:46: <RobertMacrae> Ah, no <, so no proper gates. Looks as if I prefered a fixed 18/28 attack rate to having an SPL in the vampire and growing over time, probably for the
16:12:50: <RobertMacrae> faster launch.
16:13:10: <RobertMacrae> (not launch, I mean startup)
16:18:51: <RobertMacrae> Redpixel looks too big for a 0.5c scan, its going to lose scanner-v-scanner battles and I'm not sure what its natural prey is?
16:21:36: <RobertMacrae> Well, I look forward to seeing the 8000 results. From big and tiny I'm pretty sure oneshots will win it so that decoy would have been a very good investment. Ho hum!
16:22:08: <RobertMacrae> ... better put them on KOTH I guess!
16:22:35: <waknuk> looking forward to the results
16:28:53: <johnklewis> RedPixel is decidedly not modern and it only beats paper.
16:30:18: <johnklewis> any modern scanner will beat it, particularly if the step size was optimized even a little, as mine was not optimized at all, so it's possible and likely that it's hitting itself early.
16:30:31: -!- impomatic__ has joined #corewars.
16:30:38: <johnklewis> (Which would explain the bad results in the last round.)
16:31:05: <impomatic__> Hi! At the hotel now :-)
16:31:29: <johnklewis> Did you post the last results?
16:31:42: <johnklewis> I hope I cam in last!!
16:31:48: <johnklewis> ^came
16:33:56: <impomatic__> I haven't posted them yet.
16:34:26: <impomatic__> I'll need to add up the tiny, nop and big scores to get the final score. Then I'll post nop and final together...
16:35:40: <impomatic__> waknuk: the short scanners are because I was writing example code for my website / tournament displays.
16:36:18: <impomatic__> Here's "Once in a Blue Moon..." http://corewar.co.uk/scan.htm
16:36:57: <impomatic__> "Bayonet" http://corewar.co.uk/bayonet.htm
16:39:33: <impomatic__> "Origin of Storms v2" http://corewar.co.uk/banner.htm
16:49:10: <impomatic__> Wifi is really slow here :-(
16:54:31: <johnklewis> I hate slow wifi
16:54:36: <johnklewis> :)
16:54:47: <impomatic__> It makes me angry!
16:54:52: <johnklewis> when you get a chance look at this
16:54:53: <johnklewis> http://archive.today/glQyl
16:54:54: <johnklewis> and this
16:55:00: <impomatic__> I paid �3 for the wifi as well :-(
16:55:03: <johnklewis> http://www.khm.de/~s2/pages/write/cw2.html
16:55:20: <RobertMacrae> Bayonet is lovely.
16:56:37: <johnklewis> I agree with Robert, nice code.
16:56:58: -!- inversed has joined #corewars.
16:57:39: <impomatic__> johnklewis: I've got the some of that archived just in case it disappears file:///C:/Users/John/Documents/websites/corewar/rosen/index.htm
16:57:47: <impomatic__> Wait, you want the web link!
16:57:58: <johnklewis> heh
16:58:09: <impomatic__> http://corewar.co.uk/rosen/
16:59:21: <johnklewis> So you already had it. Good.
16:59:39: <johnklewis> I'll let you get back to important table tabulations and formatting.
16:59:42: <impomatic__> But I don't think I've got the bit from archive.today, thanks.
16:59:46: <johnklewis> Unless, of course, you are done.
17:00:10: <impomatic__> I'm trying to archive every core war website so it isn't lost if it goes offline.
17:00:32: <johnklewis> The Core as a donut was inspired, and could actually have a one to one pixel on today screens, I think.
17:07:13: <impomatic__> Quite a few pixels :-) Core War art on display https://twitter.com/john_metcalf/status/472786225515220992
17:10:14: <inversed> Very nice
17:12:30: <impomatic__> I supposed I'd better do these results then!
17:12:45: <impomatic__> Entering everything into a spreadsheet now
17:39:12: -!- X-Scale` has joined #corewars.
17:39:17: -!- X-Scale has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds).
17:42:04: -!- X-Scale` is now known as X-Scale.
17:44:06: -!- waknuk has quit (Quit: waknuk).
17:45:48: <impomatic__> Okay, tournament results are ready. Hopefully I haven't messed up typing them in (Normally I'd print out a copy to double check).
17:45:57: <impomatic__> They're in a temp file, will make a proper webpage soon.
17:46:28: <impomatic__> http://corewar.co.uk/ztemp.htm
17:49:09: <inversed> Very close final scores of the top 4 entries
17:50:29: <impomatic__> All battles were run for 750 rounds. More rounds would be unlikely to affect the positions.
17:51:23: <impomatic__> Congratulations to German, Inversed and Roy!
17:51:31: <inversed> Thanks!
17:51:48: <inversed> Too bad you did not participate
17:51:58: <impomatic__> If you let me know the address (by email) I'll put the book in the post.
17:52:06: <impomatic__> I would've liked to participate.
17:52:28: <inversed> Ok, I'll send you the address
17:52:49: <impomatic__> I think for the October tournament I'll write my warriors in advance, encrypt them (complete with the tournament script) and send the file to several players.
17:53:07: <impomatic__> Then if I win, it won't look too suspicious!
17:53:14: <inversed> You should've done that this time!
17:53:35: <inversed> Not that I disagree with the final standing, but the differences are really within the margin of error
17:54:20: <inversed> 750*200*3 = 45000
17:54:54: <inversed> Relative error is about 1 / Sqrt(NFights) = 0.005 (half percent)
17:55:08: <impomatic__> German wins the signed copy of "The Armchair Universe" + $50. German, Inversed and Roy win signed copies of "Life as it could be" (a sci-fi novel featuring Core War).
17:56:39: <inversed> I was surprised when I found a reference to CoreWar in Stanislaw Lem's book, Peace on Earth
17:58:42: <impomatic__> .5% is about 600 points. Score differences at the top of the results are 800 and 1500.
17:58:57: <impomatic__> There's always an element of chance. :-)
17:59:19: <inversed> No if you try all permutations :)
18:00:39: <johnklewis> What inversed said...
18:00:57: <johnklewis> You run all permutations you know all outcomes without chance.
18:01:04: <johnklewis> But chance is more fun, IMHO.
18:01:24: <inversed> I hope that you'll normalize the scores for the final page
18:01:27: <johnklewis> going online, Thanks for the fun!!
18:02:05: <johnklewis> (I knew I could get last place!!)
18:02:15: <johnklewis> Ciao! Have to open now.
18:02:21: -!- johnklewis has quit (Quit: johnklewis).
18:02:22: <impomatic__> Thanks for taking part :-)
18:02:44: <impomatic__> It would've been a bit embarassing if I only got 5 entries or something...
18:03:25: <impomatic__> I sent out about 500 emails to part players... It's a shame a few more didn't join in. Nice to see new some players though.
18:03:38: <impomatic__> This was on display at the museum today:
18:03:41: <impomatic__> "The spirit of corewars is to develop a program that can survive given any conditions. With a randomly generated set of parameters, programming in corewars is an ART. If everything is known ahead of time, you reduce it to a pure science, which means that an attack can be basically formulated." - BLAKE KADATZ, rec.games.corewar (27 November 1991)
18:05:03: <inversed> The meaning of that quote eludes me
18:05:12: <impomatic__> Was tempted to also display this one:
18:05:19: <impomatic__> "Optimize-to-death is not the thing that was envisioned by Dewdney. You don't need to run 10^F#$%INGHUGEPOWER instructions to make a good warrior. That very popular "clone_other_warrior -> add_modern_quickscan -> reoptimize_ten_times -> submit_to_the_hill" thingy is JUST F*&^ING AWFUL!!! So, I suggest for all optimizers to repent and become handcoders (or quit)."
18:05:21: <impomatic__> :-P
18:05:44: <inversed> Yeah, I lol'd when I saw it in the logs
18:07:13: <inversed> But 500 emails ... thanks for the hard work
18:07:24: <impomatic__> I need to get some photos online, if I have any decent ones.
18:07:38: <inversed> A competition like this is the best way to promote CoreWars
18:08:18: <impomatic__> That's what I wanted to do. And it's definitely got people talking about Core War :-)
18:09:02: <impomatic__> I put quite a bit of information on display (it can all be used on the new website when it's ready)
18:09:08: <impomatic__> Something about imps http://corewar.co.uk/imp.htm
18:10:20: <impomatic__> Very brief, needs expanding for the website. But I didn't want to overload visitors with a wall of text ;-)
18:15:38: <inversed> Are the rules for the october tournament already settled?
18:16:14: <RobertMacrae> But 500 emails ... thanks for the hard work -- echo 8-)
18:16:49: <RobertMacrae> I have an idea for a tournament
18:17:12: <RobertMacrae> ... in fact I once came up with 3-4 I may be able to dig them up
18:17:25: <inversed> Actually, me too :)
18:18:21: <inversed> A mini-challenge about killing paper/stones efficiently
18:19:47: <inversed> Maybe I'll post it at corewar.eu at some later date
18:22:30: <impomatic__> I'd be happy to see some ideas...
18:22:53: <impomatic__> And I don't mind organising, but if someone else volunteers I'd be happy to take part.
18:23:20: <impomatic__> I was planning to organise two per year going forward. (as long as enough people participate)
18:23:54: <impomatic__> I wanted the October tournament to be about vampires for Halloween, but I've no idea how!
18:25:28: <inversed> 1. Vamipres only 2. Use undisclosed benchmark for scoring
18:27:16: -!- waknuk has joined #corewars.
18:30:23: <inversed> What did Paul Kline sent?
18:30:49: <inversed> I was really afraid of his undestructible papers
18:31:43: <impomatic__> Hmmm... interesting strategy line:
18:31:44: <impomatic__> ;strategy CIA-type bomber -> binary replicator
18:32:38: <impomatic__> The warriors won't be published for a few more days though (unless the author posts to r.g.cw or corewar.eu)
18:33:37: <inversed> Google hates me, I can't post to rec.games.corewar anymore
18:35:17: <inversed> So much for my secret weapon, mirrored imps
18:35:33: <inversed> Still a decent score though
18:36:12: -!- aboutGod has joined #corewars.
18:38:08: <impomatic__> Hi aboutGod :-)
18:38:28: <impomatic__> inversed: corewar-l is working again.
18:39:40: <impomatic__> Google hates me too. They pulled all of their ads from corewar.co.uk and my blog and kept my ad revenue :-)
18:40:16: <inversed> Wow, is that even legal?
18:40:22: <inversed> And sorry, corewar-what?
18:42:34: <inversed> Just sent you my address
18:46:18: -!- aboutGod has parted #corewars.
18:46:25: <impomatic__> Thanks, I'll post it by standard airmail on Monday :-)
18:47:00: <impomatic__> inversed, apparently they do it a lot. And I know they don't return the revenue to advertisers because I'm an advertiser as well as a publisher.
18:47:49: <impomatic__> The don't even tell you which of their terms and conditions you've broken. Most of them are quite subjective anyway. I'm pretty sure I didn't break any...
18:48:57: <inversed> brb
18:49:06: <impomatic__> Anyway, I immediately pulled all of my business advertising off Google, which is an order of magnitude higher that the ad revenue I earned from corewar.co.uk etc.
18:49:31: -!- drlemon has joined #corewars.
18:53:25: <impomatic__> Hi DrLemon :-)
18:53:32: <drlemon> hello
18:53:42: <impomatic__> Another photo from the tournament, humans vs machines https://twitter.com/john_metcalf/status/472810336501133314
18:53:42: <drlemon> nobody ever talks here
18:54:13: <impomatic__> Everyone misses each other due to different timezones I think!
18:55:04: <impomatic__> Today has been pretty active due to the tournament :-) http://codu.org/logs/log/_corewars/2014-05-31
18:57:06: -!- waknuk has quit (Quit: waknuk).
18:58:26: <RobertMacrae> Mirrored imps are *my* secret weapon -- Damage Inflicted I think
18:58:35: <impomatic__> :-)
19:00:24: <RobertMacrae> Damn, guess the secret is out 8-)
19:00:57: <impomatic__> 5th place in the tournament -> ";strategy Stone/Imp featuring mirrored imp spiral and anti-clear bomb."
19:01:46: <impomatic__> I was quite surprised to find mirror imps were invented 5 months before regular imp rings / spirals. Anders Ivner gets all the credit though.
19:02:16: <impomatic__> Mirrored imps didn't even have a name (apart from 2-pt spiral used a few times) until Paul Kline named them in 1996.
19:02:30: <RobertMacrae> They aren't that good -- too easy for a scanner to stun. OTOH they are extremely easy to launch and are slower for a given number of processes so gates less of a problem.
19:03:34: <impomatic__> I've been playing with mirrored imps and there's more than one way to schedule the processes :-)
19:19:01: <inversed> But they also have advantages
19:19:42: <inversed> Paper that throws dat <2667, <5334 bombs is not very effective against them
19:20:17: <inversed> And papers that throw anti-imp bombs (like mov.i #1, <1) are even less effective
19:23:16: <impomatic__> It's possible to trick a transposition stone into revealing it's exact location then target an attack precisely :-)
19:25:59: <inversed> I saw you mentioned it in the logs
19:26:23: <inversed> But transposition stones are rarely seen today
19:28:28: <impomatic__> I had one on the hill a few weeks ago.
19:29:30: <impomatic__> I don't think anyone remember to put the extra pointer after (or before) the stone to extend the bombing run.
19:30:16: <impomatic__> I think it's better to have the pointer before, but I haven't seen a stone that does that.
19:31:12: <impomatic__> The trick works best for very big coresizes, but I'm trying to incorporate it into a scanner.
19:31:30: <inversed> Mizcu also used such stone in Song of the blue sea, which did quite well
19:33:39: <impomatic__> He remembered the pointer! Also nice to see it's not over optimized, step 3364 :-)
19:34:32: -!- catageek has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria http://www.kvirc.net/).
19:38:02: <inversed> Anyway, finding the stone position is interesting
19:38:27: <inversed> I suppose you look for the bombed locations
19:43:16: <impomatic__> I start laying a small carpet with pointers. Elsewhere in core I look for any pointers the stone has moved. When I find one, it tells me exactly where the stone is :-)
19:45:36: <impomatic__> Oh :-( You killed Macro Magic!
19:46:11: <impomatic__> It was a .5c scanner dropping spl/jmp bombs (like Beholder's Eye, etc).
19:47:51: <inversed> Sorry, my strategic goal is to kill the White Noise clones
19:48:51: <impomatic__> The name refers to a macro it contains that calculates the time it can scan for before it self-scans.
19:49:46: <impomatic__> So I only need to choose a mod-1 step. The warrior automatically calculates the correct time for the coresize :-)
19:50:19: <inversed> That's smart, never thought of that
19:51:35: <impomatic__> I've been playing with macros quite a bit lately.
19:52:44: <impomatic__> There's this macro to emulate the pMARS random number generator to create a Certain Abuse type warrior http://corewar.co.uk/fnumberexploit.htm
19:53:39: <impomatic__> I don't think I've uploaded the time/step macro anywhere yet...
19:56:18: <impomatic__> ; s = scan step
19:56:18: <impomatic__> ; l = warrior length
19:56:18: <impomatic__> ; h = location of the final scan,
19:56:18: <impomatic__> ; 0 for the first line of the warrior, 1 for the second, etc
19:56:18: <impomatic__> ; i = location of invisible instruction,
19:56:18: <impomatic__> ; it doesn't matter if it gets scanned.
19:56:18: <impomatic__> for CORESIZE+(!f=1)*(s=3039)*(l=9)*(h=3)*(i=5)
19:56:19: <impomatic__> for !t=t+(f=f*((h=(h+s)%CORESIZE)>=l||h==i))
19:56:19: <impomatic__> rof
19:56:20: <impomatic__> rof
19:56:20: <impomatic__> step equ s
19:56:21: <impomatic__> time equ t
19:57:17: <impomatic__> You have to specify which instruction will be scanned / bombed last. Also I've only allowed for one invisible instruction.
19:58:56: <inversed> Post it to corewar.eu
19:59:50: <inversed> A very valuable macro
20:02:44: <impomatic__> I was hoping to tidy it up, then I'll definitely post it.
20:04:06: <impomatic__> It makes it much easier to optimize mod-1 scanners / bombers
20:07:29: <impomatic__> Hmmm... Wraith doesn't seem to have a strategy line. It's a TNT bomber.
20:09:55: <impomatic__> TiX is a four-line Sunset style paper. Each paper launches two copies.
20:10:45: <impomatic__> Hmmm... looks like one of my vamps already left the tiny hill...
20:17:27: -!- catageek has joined #corewars.
20:22:16: * impomatic__ is going to search for some food... Back in a bit.
20:26:00: <impomatic__> I finished off the early history in time to display at the tournament http://corewar.co.uk/earlycw.htm
20:31:14: <inversed> Interesting
20:31:32: <inversed> Also printed as a poster?
20:32:44: -!- catageek has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.3.1 Aria http://www.kvirc.net/).
20:35:47: <impomatic__> Just an A3 display.
20:36:43: <impomatic__> That banner next to the screen is over 2 metres high :-) The text of it is online http://corewar.co.uk/banner.htm
20:38:34: <inversed> How many visitors were there?
20:40:10: <RobertMacrae> Guys, I'm going to head off. Nice catching up and my compliments on both the format and the CW publicity 8-)
20:40:29: <impomatic__> Thanks for taking part :-)
20:40:35: <inversed> Bye
20:40:47: <impomatic__> I hope to see you for the October tourney :-P
20:40:49: * impomatic__ waves
20:41:01: <RobertMacrae> My pleasure. Should definitely have had one of them sporting a decoygen though, poor strategy to have 2 so similar.
20:41:24: <RobertMacrae> <waves>
20:41:32: -!- RobertMacrae has quit (Quit: Page closed).
20:44:15: <impomatic__> I think about 60 museum visitors. More than half spent 10+ minutes watching Core War on the screen or reading the displays. Most of those came back for a score update later on. Two visitors spent over an hour talking to me about Core War.
20:44:47: <impomatic__> That's not including another two visitors who came specifically for the tournament.
20:45:35: -!- catageek has joined #corewars.
20:45:53: <impomatic__> I was hoping for more, but it appears nearly everyone in the UK had alternative plans.
20:47:36: <inversed> That's a great success!
20:47:57: <inversed> Biggest real-life CoreWar event ... ever?
20:52:01: <impomatic__> I'm note sure. More warriors in the early tournaments. The first tournament was part of a computer gaming weekend. I have an estimate of visitor numbers, but it's not here with me.
20:52:39: <impomatic__> Also the author of ARES organised a couple of events in Austria this year. Not sure how many people attended.
20:58:05: <impomatic__> Also I keep seeing something in France. 42 / Epitech doing something the call Corewar. Not sure if it's the same thing, but there's a lot of people https://twitter.com/42born2code/status/441992663810973696/photo/1
21:02:09: <inversed> It's time for me to get some sleep
21:03:05: <impomatic__> time for me to eat!
21:03:14: <impomatic__> Good night, thanks for entering :-)
21:03:28: <inversed> Our time difference is 3 hours
21:03:33: <inversed> Thanks for the great tournament, bye
21:03:38: * impomatic__ waves
21:03:40: -!- inversed has parted #corewars.
21:05:55: -!- Kiv has joined #corewars.
21:06:07: <Kiv> hows the tournament going?
21:11:45: -!- waknuk has joined #corewars.
21:15:08: <waknuk> I missed the final result on Twitter - no #corewar
21:20:45: -!- waknuk has quit (Quit: waknuk).
22:17:45: <impomatic__> Hi Kiv, all complete :-)
22:18:19: <impomatic__> Kiv: results http://corewar.co.uk/ztemp.htm (location is temporary)
22:20:48: -!- Mannerisky has joined #corewars.
22:21:33: <Kiv> thanks!