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06:46:51: <impomatic> Hi :-)
11:18:18: <impomatic> Looking for quotes to display at the tournament. I don't think this one's suitable somehow:
11:18:21: <impomatic> "Optimize-to-death is not the thing that was envisioned by Dewdney. You don't need to run 10^F#$%INGHUGEPOWER instructions to make a good warrior. That very popular "clone_other_warrior -> add_modern_quickscan -> reoptimize_ten_times -> submit_to_the_hill" thingy is JUST F*&^ING AWFUL!!! So, I suggest for all optimizers to repent and become handcoders (or quit)."
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12:16:13: <impomatic> Hi Doxin :-)
12:16:30: <Doxin> ohai
12:16:59: <impomatic> What's new?
12:54:37: <Doxin> impomatic: oh not much
12:54:56: <Doxin> impomatic: got the first client for the business I'm starting ^-^
12:59:11: <impomatic> Oh. congrats :-) What kind of business?
12:59:19: <Doxin> impomatic: website hosting
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13:13:24: <chris_99> hey, is there no way to enter the Cambridge corewars tournament anymore, just noticed the email data is 24th may
13:13:37: <chris_99> *date
13:14:52: <chris_99> oh just saw your comment on HN impomatic :)
13:28:28: <impomatic> Hi Chris_99 :-)
13:28:44: <chris_99> he
13:28:45: <chris_99> *hey
13:29:52: <impomatic> Just send it by 23:59 GMT tomorrow (29th May). Unfortunately I haven't got access to the Computer Museum's website to update the deadline.
13:30:01: <chris_99> ooh awesome
13:30:23: <impomatic> It's a shame the tournament page didn't get posted to HN a week earlier...
13:30:26: <chris_99> yeah i've got a bank holiday off tommorow so i'm gonna try and hack up a GA based solution
13:30:29: <chris_99> yeah it is
14:37:38: <impomatic> I've published Bayonet which is lurking near the bottom of the 94nop hill http://corewar.co.uk/bayonet.htm
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16:36:30: <impomatic> SAL appears to be down.
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