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21:10:19: <willvarfar> impomatic: you may have already seen this: http://www.cap-lore.com/stories/CWars.html
21:10:24: <willvarfar> I came across it today and thought of you
21:12:03: <impomatic> Hi WillVarfar :-)
21:13:11: <impomatic> Thanks, I hadn't seen that before. Now I need to find more information!
21:19:05: <impomatic> WillVarfar: did you see the tournament update, it's on 31st May (deadline for entries 24th May)
21:20:42: <willvarfar> I'm going to let you down on the tournie
21:20:53: <willvarfar> but I do have norm's email address
21:21:25: <willvarfar> hmm he has an email on cap-lore.com
21:21:32: <willvarfar> so no currency there
21:21:44: <willvarfar> he's a fascinating guy
21:24:44: <impomatic> Not to worry about the tournament :-) There will be another in October anyway (although not at the Computer Museum).
21:25:12: <impomatic> It's only 6 weeks away, and I'm not prepared :-(
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