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13:15:57: <X-Scale> Happy Easter, impomatic :)
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17:56:08: <winter_flower> hello! anyone here?
18:50:37: <impomatic> winter_flower: I'm here for a little while :-)
18:56:50: <winter_flower> impomatic: hi! my old pc broke and I switched over to Ubuntu, but now I'm having trouble finding a good IDE. I tried compiling pMARS, but unfortunately the instructions were not idiot proof. Do you know of any "for ultimate dummies" guides for installing pMARS with the graphical interface on Ubuntu?
18:57:45: <winter_flower> I tried googling and reading the README that came with the default download, but without much success
18:59:56: <impomatic> winter_flower: I've never managed to compile pMARS with graphics :-( It might be worth asking in rec.games.corewar
19:00:20: <impomatic> Did you try compiling pMARS-SDL?
19:01:50: <winter_flower> the pMARS-SDL referenced here http://nmars.sourceforge.net/pmarsdll.shtml ? I haven't tried that yet. Seems like the download link is broken.
19:06:56: <winter_flower> judging by some of the posts on rec.games.corewar compiling pMARS with graphics is not a newbie friendly task...
19:07:16: <impomatic> Try here http://corewar.co.uk/pihlaja/pmars-sdl/index.htm
19:07:49: <impomatic> I wish someone would write a guide to compiling it. I'd write the guide myself if I could figure it out!
19:08:46: <impomatic> Some players are using Wine to run the Windows binary, or CoreWin.
19:10:43: <winter_flower> thank you! I'll try to see if I can make it work
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