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20:50:34: <winter_flower> hello, can anyone recommend some good CoreWars tutorials for a newbie?
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20:54:41: <catageek> first: http://vyznev.net/corewar/guide.html
20:55:11: <catageek> check this: http://www.koth.org/info.html
20:55:57: <catageek> and this: http://corewar.co.uk/biblio.htm
21:00:02: <impomatic_> winter_flower: the 10 links here are a pretty good starting place: http://sfghoul.blogspot.co.uk/2007/07/top-10-links-for-corewar-newbies.html
21:03:54: <impomatic_> The Spring Tournament is about 7 weeks away, so you've got plenty of time to learn the game and write something decent to enter :-)
21:03:58: <impomatic_> http://corewar.co.uk/spring2014.htm
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22:43:34: <winter_flower> thanks for the replies everyone! the links helped a lot!
22:58:10: <winter_flower> sorry about the utter stupidity of this question, but I'm using (or heh, trying to use) ARES and I'm going through the "Your first battle" tutorial. It says, "Enter the following code to the core now". I am not sure where I should enter the program. Should I just make a new warrior by clicking "new" in the warriors dialog?
22:58:51: <winter_flower> I'm not sure where the "core" is located in the ARES GUI.
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