00:28:36: <john_metcalf> Hi :-)
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10:38:53: <itsy> There's a Robot Battle tournament coming up soon http://www.robotbattle.com/registry/index.php?act=calendar&code=showevent&eventid=64 :-)
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14:48:41: <itsy> Hi Doxin :-)
14:48:50: <Doxin> ohai
15:42:34: <Doxin> itsy: sup?
15:45:33: * itsy is just reading about Robot Battle. There's a tournament soon.
15:47:23: <itsy> I wonder if this tweet is about Core War or something else with the same name https://twitter.com/42born2code/status/441992663810973696
16:14:14: <catageek> it is a french engineer school that organize an annual Corewar contest, but this is not redcode at all. Corewar is one of their internal project where they must code a Mars server.
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