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17:01:19: <itsy> Vampire/imp on 94nop and 94 hills :-P
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17:06:22: <itsy> Hi Fizmo :-)
17:06:27: <Fizmomaster> hi hi
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18:41:21: <Fizmomaster> Hi marella
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19:01:19: <john_metcalf> Hi willvarfar :-)
19:01:31: <Fizmomaster> hiiii
19:01:34: <Fizmomaster> :-)
19:02:59: <willvarfar> hello :D
19:04:13: <Fizmomaster> Hi willvarfar
19:05:57: <willvarfar> how'd it go with the museum curator, john?
19:07:41: <john_metcalf> He's very interested and has a few ideas. Hopefully we'll fix the date this week.
19:09:45: <itsy> I also met Thure Etzold for lunch at the weekend (the author of "Life as It Could Be", a novel which features Core War)
19:12:05: <itsy> Then was invited to a talk on programming games by Peter Cooper. He discussed Darwin, RobotWar, Core War, CROBOTS, OMEGA, RoboCode and a few others...
19:12:33: <Fizmomaster> nice :-)
19:17:22: <willvarfar> this talk has a video or slides or anything?
19:27:09: <john_metcalf> Unfortunately no slides or video.
19:29:31: <itsy> It had a retrospective similar to my blog post http://www.retroprogramming.com/2009/09/history-of-programming-games-1961-1989.html
19:30:25: <itsy> Looked how Redcode, Dwarf, Imp and Gemini work. Changed Dwarf's step to see what happened.
19:32:05: <willvarfar> only two things: 1) would make a nice post to reddit etc. 2) sounds like a good skeleton for a corewar demo at the museum
19:33:12: <itsy> Also mentioned Creeper & Reaper, Ruby Warrior, TORCS, RoboCode, Mouse Run and Fight Code Game.
19:34:23: <itsy> I need to update that history blog post. There are a couple missing, SURFIT (as described by Ted Nelson) and Arena. (I'm not including the games where you arrange logic gates).
19:34:38: <itsy> Also I have a few notes for a follow up post 1990-?
19:35:39: <itsy> Actually, I need to amend the description of Core War, considering it was played as early as 1968 with the same name, but a different instruction set...
19:39:13: <itsy> I've got quite a few loose ends of history that I'm hoping to tie up if I can track certain people down :-)
19:46:32: <john_metcalf> I've been trying to track down Philip Hooper who wrote the third quote here http://corewar.co.uk/earlycw.htm
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20:34:17: <john_metcalf> Hi X-Scale :-)
21:00:40: <itsy> I wish I could remember the name of Ian Oversby's vampire/imp.
21:26:16: * itsy waves
21:26:33: * Fizmomaster waves
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21:43:51: <X-Scale> Hey john_metcalf :-)