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21:01:19: <impomatic> hi WillVarfar :-)
21:02:32: <impomatic> Tournament news: quite a few people who haven't played for years have promised to take part and I'm meeting the museum director to fix the tournament date at the weekend.
21:03:00: <willvarfar> hello John :)
21:03:18: <impomatic> I tracked down and sent email to over 200 players ;-)
21:03:21: <willvarfar> its at Bletchley right?
21:03:31: <willvarfar> thats one place I'd really really really like to see
21:03:48: <impomatic> No, that's The National Museum of Computing. It's at Cambridge, The Centre for Computing History.
21:04:19: <willvarfar> aha right
21:04:41: -!- fiveop has quit ().
21:04:42: <impomatic> BTW, TNMOC is on Bletchley Park, but requires a separate ticket.
21:04:52: <willvarfar> lol there's some talk of me giving a mill talk at cambridge. Hope it happens so I can look around
21:05:14: <willvarfar> ah easy to get them mixed up
21:06:14: <impomatic> http://www.computinghistory.org.uk in Cambridge, http://www.tnmoc.org on Bletchley Pack. There are also a couple of other computer museums in Swindon and Leicester, but I haven't visited those yet.
21:08:09: <willvarfar> been to station x?
21:08:27: <willvarfar> silly question, of course you have :)
21:10:27: <impomatic> Not recently. I went when they held the Vintage Computer Festival there...
21:11:53: <impomatic> By the way, vampires are back! King of 88 and 94nop hills :-D
21:17:06: <willvarfar> wow what? really?
21:17:24: <willvarfar> who's fault is that?
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21:23:43: <impomatic> By the way, they don't have a qscan or boot/decoy. Just clear, easy to read code ;-)
21:24:11: <impomatic> Possibly my fault. I was trying to guess what FL2b is, so I tried a couple of different ideas. Also I'm writing an article about vampires and vamp/imps for the new webpage so I've been experimenting.
21:27:17: <impomatic> It appears Uncle Bob Martin (of Agile fame) wrote the first vampire. (Although John McCarthy had his own earlier version of Core War in PDP/11 assembly and wrote a vampire for it!)
21:28:30: <willvarfar> I've never really got along with the agile evangelists ;)
21:28:42: <willvarfar> but I respect vampire writers otherwise :)
21:30:23: <impomatic> I don't need agile! I follow the Tao of Programming :-)
21:55:08: <impomatic> WillVarfar: have you played any other programming games?
21:56:34: <willvarfar> you mean battle type games?
21:56:36: <willvarfar> no, not really
21:57:08: <willvarfar> but all contests are programming games from my pov
21:57:16: <impomatic> CROBOTS, Robocode, etc.
22:08:01: <willvarfar> gotta go, cya!
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