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22:36:42: <josepi2> im so glad to see core wars community still exists!
22:36:48: <josepi2> i recently started getting into it
22:37:03: <josepi2> i want to write a genetic program that generates warrios
22:37:10: <josepi2> and im looking for a simulator i can use
22:37:18: <josepi2> exMars appears to have never been finished!
22:37:20: <willvarfar> exhaust
22:37:24: <josepi2> and i cant find fmars anywhere
22:37:27: <josepi2> exhaust?
22:37:57: <josepi2> ok
22:37:59: <josepi2> ill check it out
22:38:01: <josepi2> thanks!
22:38:13: <willvarfar> http://corewar.co.uk/mars.htm
22:39:26: <josepi2> yea thats the site i was using
22:39:34: <josepi2> some downloads are broken though
22:39:39: <josepi2> do you know of exMars was ever finished?
22:39:44: <josepi2> if*
22:40:03: <willvarfar> not sure
22:40:13: <willvarfar> the big take away is that exhaust is plenty fast enough
22:40:24: <willvarfar> a decade ago, it was worth chasing faster and faster mars
22:40:27: <josepi2> ok
22:40:34: <josepi2> yea i dont care much about the speed for now
22:40:42: <josepi2> now until i get something that works and will need to run for a while
22:40:42: <willvarfar> but its diminishing returns and these days exhaust is plenty fast enough
22:40:52: <josepi2> yea i just need somethign complete that i can work with
22:40:55: <josepi2> im reading into it now
22:40:56: <willvarfar> yeah, focus on correctness and flexibility
22:41:11: <willvarfar> exhaust is what most people ended up using
22:41:18: <josepi2> do you know if any competitions are still going on?
22:41:28: <willvarfar> its very deliberately vanilla C, so its portable and doesn't break
22:41:35: <josepi2> cool
22:41:54: <willvarfar> there are 'hills', which are continuous competitions
22:42:12: <josepi2> oh ok
22:42:20: <josepi2> i found a couple of those where you email in your warrior
22:42:30: <josepi2> i didnt realize they were continuous though
22:43:25: <josepi2> ok thanks for your help[
22:43:28: <josepi2> im gonna get back to work
22:43:35: <willvarfar> there is also an upcoming tournament: http://williamedwardscoder.tumblr.com/post/75613351951/reports-of-corewar-death-have-been-greaty-exaggerated
22:43:47: <willvarfar> good luck!
22:43:53: <josepi2> thanks!
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22:55:57: <josepi2> quit
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23:34:08: <itsy> Hi :-)
23:35:19: <itsy> josepi2: which downloads are broken? I can fix them
23:57:26: <josepi2> fmars