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16:45:01: <Manji> hi
16:45:19: -!- Manji is now known as Guest41179.
16:46:45: <Guest41179> anyone knows if there is any good "2bombs" bomber out there? (using spl #0,#2 mov.i -1,>-1 e.g.) I dont know if it is really worth the instructions, even with 2 pass(first all spl then all mov)
16:50:21: <Guest41179> the spl can also be used in a clear (replacing 0 with whatever; or probably better using spl #2,#10 mov.i -1,}-1)
16:52:15: <Guest41179> so the problem is the switches between spl -> mov -> clr
16:53:37: <Guest41179> and since we dont want to waste space (against the evil scanners) the bomber should mutate into the clr (which is the biggest problem, since the 2 bombs always stun ourselves (in contrast to single spl bombs which can be easily used for a switch)
16:55:20: <Guest41179> so point is: our jmp/djn/jmz/jmn loop, X somehow must ensure 2 switches
16:56:41: <Guest41179> if you have any ideas or know about warriors to implement these orsimilar techniques let me know :)
16:58:15: <Guest41179> or probably it is already obvious that 2 bombs are "bad". An argument could be that we dont need a 2pass clear since we stun our opponent "very much" ;D - but I dont think that this generalisation can be proven
17:01:26: <Guest41179> btw: placing both bombs at the same time seems like wasting cycles (we would just bomb with half the speed)
17:03:35: <Guest41179> a trigger with jmn loop, *instruction wchi is bombed "last" could probably be a solution, although it is likely to trigger too early
17:11:50: <Guest41179> I just realized one switch can be done by indirect bombing the pointer to the bombs.
17:51:58: <Guest41179> so here is the approach: http://pastebin.com/s4fPb1SS
17:52:00: <Guest41179> scores really bad
18:09:45: <impomatic> Guest41179: your 2bomb might be better if it bombs backwards spl #0, 8 / mov -1, <-1 to limit how much it bombs
18:10:56: <Guest41179> nice hint, thx! btw updated the version, sadly it does even worst (although, like always, idea is better)
18:13:10: <impomatic> I'll have a play with in later when I'm on the pc
18:16:10: <Guest41179> you dont have to. just thought that someone already "had done the work" - I mean to check if 2 bomb bombers are worth it :)
18:37:16: <impomatic> I can't think which warriors at the moment, but there are definitely some incendiary bombers with 2 instruction bombs
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20:24:50: <Fizmomaster> hi hi
20:39:25: <john_metcalf> Hi Fizmomaster :-)
20:51:20: <Guest41179> hi
20:53:08: <Fizmomaster> hi :-)
20:56:21: <Guest41179> probably you have an idea about 2 bombs bombers ;D check the log for the exact question :)
20:58:44: <Fizmomaster> where are the logs?
20:59:51: <Fizmomaster> ok, found
21:03:05: <Guest41179> So, im searching for a successful 2 bombs warrior...
21:06:54: <Fizmomaster> incendiary bomber
21:07:17: <Fizmomaster> as airbag version or combines with an imp
21:09:37: <Fizmomaster> http://users.obs.carnegiescience.edu/birk/COREWAR/94/HILL/behemot.red
21:09:53: <Fizmomaster> http://users.obs.carnegiescience.edu/birk/COREWAR/94/HILL/rov.red
21:16:00: <Guest41179> seems like booting the clear at a different location is quite good? but arent we screwed if it is hit by a bomb or even de/increment?
21:19:54: <Guest41179> but thx for the hint. so simple solution :D
21:33:22: <Fizmomaster> it might make sense to boot the clear to a different location
21:33:48: <Fizmomaster> otherwise the code is too bulky and got more easy hit are found by a scanner
21:34:36: <Fizmomaster> There are also smaller versions available, that are successfully used in p-warriors
21:35:19: <Guest41179> where does the stunning power against papers from return of vanquisher come from? the bombing phase is very short
21:36:30: <Guest41179> is the clear triggered by a jmp? Not sure about the code yet
21:36:44: <Fizmomaster> I think with a bomber you can sucessfully stun a paper only in the beginning of a battle
21:38:22: <Fizmomaster> the paper quickly gain enough processes that it wouldn't slow down significantly if hit by a bomb
21:38:44: <Guest41179> I mean in rov
21:55:08: -!- Fizmomaster has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 27.0/20140127194636]).
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