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00:22:21: <waknuk2> Hi John & Co. Everyone idle?
00:22:27: <itsy> Hi!
00:22:38: <itsy> You only just caught me...
00:23:27: <waknuk2> Hi I don't recognise the name, ah I see John. Yes it is late
00:24:33: <waknuk2> Keeping the hill busy?
00:24:42: <itsy> I was about to email you, just to ask you to update the link to SAL (moved to http://sal.discontinuity.info)
00:25:27: <itsy> I'd like to fix as many broken cw links as possible before the 30th anniversary in May :-)
00:25:31: <waknuk2> Sure thing - any new sites I should add?
00:25:53: <itsy> By the way, there will be a tournament (to be held at the Centre For Computing History in Cambridge)
00:26:28: <waknuk2> I hadn't realised - good point. I will check mine ... But not today. Maybe on the w/e
00:27:02: <itsy> http://corewar.eu is new...
00:27:08: <waknuk2> For the 30th? A physical presence tourney?
00:27:30: <itsy> Although it's not really the 30th anniversary. Just the anniversary of Dewdney's article...
00:27:49: <itsy> Well the first tournament was held at a computer museum. I thought it was appropriate.
00:28:25: <waknuk2> I will be in USA late May. Hope it is before
00:28:37: <waknuk2> Sounds like a good idea
00:29:07: <waknuk2> Dew deny seems like a good start point
00:29:28: <itsy> Dewdney and Jones actually invented Core War in 1983... Although the name had been used since at least 1968 for the same game without the protection of a virtual computer.
00:29:41: * itsy has been researching cw history!
00:30:17: <itsy> The tournament date isn't confirmed yet.
00:30:26: <waknuk2> I work with someone who played in college long ago - so long ago he didn't know imp spirals
00:32:07: <waknuk2> I will check out the new site etc. and pay more attention to the news group.
00:32:12: <itsy> I've tracked down a few people from long ago!
00:32:27: <itsy> Not much happening in the newsgroup at the moment.
00:32:30: <waknuk2> But now should be off - I came Loki g for nethack :)
00:32:34: <itsy> I'll attempt to stir it up soon.
00:32:59: <waknuk2> I mostly stopped following it when that spammer guy came a long
00:34:08: <itsy> I think most people did. 300+ messages in a month just about killed it.
00:34:24: <waknuk2> Ok, off now - will check back.
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