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14:22:30: <itsy> Neat! XRK has a simple bitmap editor that saves pictures as a Redcode file. When you run the warrior, it displays the picture on the core display :-)
14:26:11: <Doxin> itsy: no way
14:36:39: <itsy> I've been thinking about writing something similar in JavaScript. Import a bitmap and export a Redcode file.
14:37:59: <itsy> There's an example on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:RedcodeHelloWorld.png
14:41:31: <Doxin> neat stuff
14:51:26: <itsy> It's even be possible to output several warriors, which when run together generate a colour picture :-)
14:55:30: <itsy> A program to convert text to display on the core display should be fairly easy...
14:55:56: <itsy> Imagine running a warrior and it displays "Wake up, Doxin..." "The Matrix has you..." :-P
14:56:08: <Doxin> lol
15:06:42: <itsy> a 6x8 pixel font could be stored in 2 core cells per character, so 52 cells for upper case. Displaying a character would take 12 instructions at most.
15:06:58: <Doxin> itsy: 6x8 is pretty dang big though
15:07:08: <Doxin> itsy: you can do all characters in 5x4 iirc
15:09:24: <Doxin> other way around, 4x5
15:11:00: <itsy> I just thought 6x8 to make decoding easy. Each field is in the range 0-7999, so it can store 12 bits. 24 bits per cell (could be up to 4x6). 48 bits per two cells (could be 6x8)
15:11:07: <Doxin> right
15:19:49: <itsy> Text could be stored 4 characters per core cell like this DAT w*32+a, k*32, e where the letters are pointers to the bitmap image
15:21:19: <itsy> I think a 100 line Redcode program could include the bitmaps, decoding and still display 100 characters of text :-)
15:23:40: <itsy> Which is perfects, a 6x8 font would only leave room for 108 characters on the core display :-)
15:25:53: <itsy> With a 4 x 5 font it would be possible to display 200 characters of text with a 100 line Redcode program. Which is also pretty close to filling the core display...
15:29:15: <Doxin> hmm
15:36:54: <itsy> 4x5 would be easy to decode, but the W and M would look ugly :-(
16:11:31: <itsy> Yay, I displayed a letter A :-)
17:37:48: <Doxin> itsy: huzzah!
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18:59:53: <john_metcalf> maybe use the smaller font so it can display an sms text message
21:14:16: <itsy> I killed pMARS :-( "Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)"
23:27:06: <Doxin> itsy: at least the parachute worked :P
23:50:05: <itsy> Finally! My program displays "TEST" on the core display!
23:51:19: <itsy> To be completely honest, it displays "ETTS" with the E and S as a mirror image, but it's close enough :-)