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08:14:49: <impomatic> Hi :-)
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11:36:26: <Doxin> impomatic: I made a github repo for my work on the js based MARS. you can have a look at the parser I made if you like: https://github.com/dikzak/inline-core-war
11:41:35: <impomatic> Hi Doxin, I'll take a look tonight after work :-)
11:41:46: <Doxin> impomatic: alright
11:42:13: <Doxin> I still need someone to explain me function modifiers, because I only have a vague clue what they do
11:43:35: <impomatic> Do you mean .a .b .x .i .f .ab .ba?
11:43:42: <Doxin> yep, those.
11:45:13: <impomatic> Each cell in core has an a-field and a b-field. The modifier changes which field the opcode works on
11:45:29: <Doxin> I see
11:45:42: <Doxin> the begginers guide to redcode explains it weirdly
11:45:48: <impomatic> .A - use the A values
11:45:49: <impomatic> .B - use the B values
11:45:49: <impomatic> .AB - use the A value from the A address and the B value from the B address
11:45:49: <impomatic> .BA - use the B value from the A address and the A value from the B address
11:45:49: <impomatic> .F - use both values
11:45:49: <impomatic> .X - use both values, exchanging the values from A address
11:45:49: <impomatic> .I - use the entire instruction
11:46:38: <impomatic> ADD.A X, Y - adds the A value in cell X to the A value in cell Y
11:46:50: <impomatic> ADD.B X, Y - adds the B value in cell X to the B value in cell Y
11:47:01: <impomatic> etc
11:47:04: <Doxin> right
11:47:41: <Doxin> makes sense
11:48:10: <impomatic> .I which uses the entire instruction only makes sense for MOV, CMP, SNE and SEQ. You can't add two opcodes together.
11:48:15: <Doxin> hmm
11:48:59: <impomatic> So ADD.I, MUL.I, etc do the same as ADD.F, MUL.F
11:49:32: <Doxin> yep
11:54:15: <impomatic> http://corewar.co.uk/icws94.txt has a list of the default modifiers if one isn't specified (see 1718 A.2.1.2 ICWS'88 to ICWS'94 Conversion)
11:55:04: <Doxin> impomatic: oh, awesome.
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