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18:11:35: <mannerisky> I'm writing a mini-essay on corewars, genetic algorithms, etc.
18:12:04: <mannerisky> I'm hoping to find a video of an evolved warrior against a human-written warrior
18:13:12: <mannerisky> does anyone have a link to such? I thought I'd ask here before making a video myself
18:13:22: <Doxin> mannerisky: this channel is usually pretty slow
18:13:28: <Doxin> mannerisky: hang around for an answer
18:13:50: <Doxin> mannerisky: you can probably look around for an evolved warrior and a handwritten one on the web and make the video yourself.
18:15:17: <mannerisky> thanks - I'll hang around for a while, but make my own if nobody has one already
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18:54:15: <mannerisky> http://pastebin.com/fAKcatQA
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