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05:10:02: <drlemon> this is a small channel
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20:58:08: <john_metcalf> Hi :-)
21:48:24: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
21:57:13: <john_metcalf> Hi Doxin
21:57:45: <Doxin> ohai john_metcalf
21:58:34: <Doxin> john_metcalf: sup?
21:59:01: <john_metcalf> So far I haven't managed to find anyone at Stanford or New York University :-(
21:59:29: <john_metcalf> There are some one-of-a-kind records in their libraries relating to Core War.
21:59:54: <Doxin> john_metcalf: what kinds?
22:00:38: <john_metcalf> I don't know. One is negatives (possibly from one of the ICWS tournaments). The other is a folder, contents unknown.
22:01:00: <Doxin> how do you even know its there if you don't know what is in it ._.
22:01:16: <john_metcalf> The library has a catalogue
22:01:35: <Doxin> oh
22:01:37: <Doxin> I see
22:02:48: <john_metcalf> the folder is dated 1977 (7 years before Dewdney introduced Core War)
22:03:04: <Doxin> oh wow
22:03:10: <Doxin> interesting stuff
22:03:26: <john_metcalf> Actually there are two published description of Core War from the 70's.
22:04:04: <john_metcalf> 1) Helmers, Carl "Some Thoughts About Modems." BYTE Magazine (Jul 1978): 106-107.
22:04:15: <john_metcalf> 2) Hooper, Philip K. "TSAR: A Time Sharing Administrative Routine for the KIM-1." MICRO - The 6502 Journal 18 (Nov 1979): 39.
22:04:19: <Doxin> john_metcalf: you starting a museum?
22:04:26: <john_metcalf> I'm trying to track down both authors.
22:04:53: <john_metcalf> I'm adding more Core War history to my website :-)
22:05:33: <john_metcalf> At the weekend I had an email from someone who played Core War in 1968, so I've got some references to track down there.
22:05:55: <Doxin> that's awesome
22:09:21: <john_metcalf> I'm hoping to link Darwin to Core War!
22:11:12: <Doxin> john_metcalf: darwin?
22:11:31: <john_metcalf> http://corewar.co.uk/darwin/
22:11:35: <john_metcalf> The first programming game
22:12:00: <Doxin> I see