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20:51:25: <impomatic> Oh! http://firstartificialuniverse.com/First_Artficial_Universe/Artificial_Life_files/first%20artifical%20universe%20with%20life-DIG-2013MAR13-2.pdf
20:51:56: <impomatic> This was mentioned in A K Dewdney's second Scientific American column, but I've never been able to track it down before.
20:52:37: <Doxin> eww, pdf.
20:53:04: <impomatic> Sorry...
20:53:11: <Doxin> :P
20:54:22: <impomatic> At least PDF is relatively easy to read. Some of the stuff I find is in really weird formats. Long dead word processors on systems no-one uses any more.
20:56:17: <Doxin> .doc for example :P
20:59:01: <impomatic> MacWrite and IslandWrite have caused me the most trouble.
21:03:04: <Doxin> never heard of em
21:03:18: <Doxin> complex file formats?
21:09:07: <impomatic> I didn't try to reverse engineer the format. I installed a Mac emulator to export the text from MacWrite. For IslandWrite I asked for help and someone came to the rescue!
22:00:03: <X-Scale> Great catch, impomatic :)
22:02:25: <X-Scale> http://www.fredstahl.com
22:05:35: <impomatic> I just emailed someone else who was mentioned in Dewdney's article! :-)
22:06:58: <impomatic> It's always interesting to track down old Core War / RobotWar / CROBOTS players.
22:14:45: <X-Scale> These old hard to find papers and references are really precious.
22:16:52: <impomatic> Most of these are pretty easy to find http://www.retroprogramming.com/2011/11/bibliography-of-programming-games.html
22:19:16: <impomatic> The material I'm trying to find now is pretty much one-of-a-kind stuff. It needs to be preserved before it's too late.