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19:10:51: <impomatic> Hi :-)
19:25:24: <Doxin> ohai impomatic
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20:00:40: <impomatic> Does anyone fancy typing this listing into a C64 emulator? http://concoctedlogic.com/wordpress/commodore-64-core-war/ :-)
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22:12:57: <myndzi> how2 c64 emulator
22:16:26: <myndzi> i actually don't know how to operate a c64
22:16:51: <myndzi> let alone how to export the result in a format i can send to someone on the interwebs
22:29:10: <impomatic> I've found another C64 version of corewar, Core War Pro. I've got an emulator, but I can't get it to work :-(
22:48:17: <myndzi> http://pastebin.com/Ba5C12uM
22:49:45: <impomatic> Thanks, did you jusr OCR the scan?
22:50:34: <myndzi> i typed it
22:50:46: <myndzi> should be pretty accurate
22:50:58: <myndzi> i used [sqq] and [qqqq] and such where there were those reversed characters
22:51:02: <myndzi> i don't know what they are supposed to be
22:51:11: <myndzi> so you should be able to search brackets
22:52:42: <impomatic> Thanks, I'll try to find a way to import it to the emulator.
22:53:02: <impomatic> I've just found a description of Core War from 1979!