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17:58:24: <Doxin> X-Scale: nice ip adress you got there.
18:12:19: <X-Scale> thanks, Doxin :)
18:12:25: <X-Scale> It's an IPv6 address
18:17:07: <Doxin> I saw
18:17:16: <Doxin> X-Scale: I'm still stuck on v4
18:17:17: <Doxin> oh well
18:17:22: <Doxin> at least it's static
18:20:29: <X-Scale> You can get an IPv6 address though. Just go to http://tunnelbroker.net/ , register and get one
18:20:58: <Doxin> that's not having an ipv6 adress though, that's a tunnel
18:22:27: <X-Scale> It's having an IPv6 address through a tunnel.
18:23:57: <X-Scale> The good thing about IPv4 addresses is that they waste less bandwith
18:24:36: <X-Scale> Specially important on capped mobile connections.
18:27:52: <X-Scale> You're probably refering to *native* IPv6 access.
18:28:20: <X-Scale> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwRVNwa6nJc#t=11m07s
18:30:07: <X-Scale> http://youtu.be/mwRVNwa6nJc?t=11m07s
18:30:25: <X-Scale> The creator of IPv6 speaking about tunnels
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