04:32:55: -!- X-Scale has joined #corewars.
05:52:44: -!- glogbackup has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
07:15:31: -!- X-Scale has quit ().
13:24:55: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
13:25:42: <Doxin> hi all
17:52:00: <mduller> hi Doxin
17:52:08: <Doxin> mduller: evening
17:52:34: <mduller> Doxin:
17:52:41: <Doxin> mduller:
17:52:48: <mduller> heh
17:59:32: <Doxin> mduller: were you gonna say something?
18:02:15: <Doxin> or highlight me just 'cause
18:43:32: -!- fiveop has joined #corewars.
19:20:43: -!- willvarfar has joined #corewars.
19:20:48: <willvarfar> hello all
19:20:56: <Doxin> ohai willvarfar
19:21:10: <willvarfar> John Metcalf about?
19:21:25: <willvarfar> impomatic ping?
19:22:00: <willvarfar> sorry, very rude of me; hello Doxin
19:23:47: <Doxin> not a problem :P
19:24:28: <willvarfar> know anything about factoring numbers?
19:24:34: <Doxin> who, me?
19:24:42: <willvarfar> yeap, sure
19:24:50: <Doxin> I don't even know what that means
19:25:02: <willvarfar> ah never mind then
19:25:11: <Doxin> :c
19:35:21: -!- willvarfar has quit (Quit: Lost terminal).
19:43:57: -!- fiveop has quit (Quit: humhum).
20:52:37: <mduller> Doxin: you respond so fast, I was testing to see if you're a bot! :-D
22:05:13: <Doxin> mduller: why would I be a bot?
22:27:21: <mduller> no reason, but being new to the channel I didn't know who's who and your responses were surprisingly instant everytime ;)
22:28:05: <mduller> and being a programming related channel, i wouldn't be surprised if there were one :)
22:49:29: <Doxin> mduller: I suppose.
22:49:48: <Doxin> mduller: my responses aren't always instant, just when I happen to see the blinky