06:28:05: -!- X-Scale has quit ().
18:31:08: -!- X-Scale has joined #corewars.
22:36:22: -!- Doxin has joined #corewars.
22:36:50: <Doxin> anyone got either (preferably)corewin or sdl pMars for me? both their sites are down.
22:41:54: <X-Scale> hey Doxin
22:41:58: <Doxin> X-Scale: hey
22:42:58: <Doxin> X-Scale: according to the log this is the first conversation in here for at least a month :P
22:43:42: <X-Scale> haha
22:43:46: <X-Scale> Doxin: probably
22:44:19: <Doxin> X-Scale: got any pointers to either of those files though? corewars.co.uk is down, whois indicates the domain isn't registered
22:45:01: <X-Scale> Doxin: I was trying to find some alternative sites
22:45:15: <Doxin> X-Scale: I've been googling for more than an hour now :P
22:46:11: <X-Scale> Doxin: Just found it
22:46:21: <Doxin> :D
22:46:39: <X-Scale> Doxin: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.geocities.com/corewin2/CoreWin.zip
22:46:55: <Doxin> oh man, thanks.
22:46:56: <X-Scale> 2.3
22:47:01: <Doxin> as long as it runs :P
22:47:02: <X-Scale> Seems to be the last version
22:47:10: <X-Scale> "No problemo" :)
22:47:28: <X-Scale> CoreWin was a really decent corewars client for windows
22:47:49: <Doxin> X-Scale: best I found on linux too. wine runs it just fine.
22:48:16: <X-Scale> Doxin: oh, great :)
22:48:24: <X-Scale> Doxin: is this the version you were looking for ?
22:48:33: <Doxin> sure looks like it
22:49:00: <X-Scale> http://web.archive.org/web/20121023150949/http://corewar.co.uk/wendell/download.htm
22:49:13: <X-Scale> It just doesn't have the zip file on this location
22:49:24: <Doxin> yep, I found that page in my quest
22:50:41: <X-Scale> Let me try to find the whole package
22:51:52: <Doxin> X-Scale: got it running already
22:52:50: <X-Scale> Doxin: great :)
22:52:57: <Doxin> sure is
22:52:59: <X-Scale> Doxin: good news, here's the full package: http://web.archive.org/web/20091027103506/http://geocities.com/corewin2/CoreWin_AllFiles.zip
22:53:05: <Doxin> nice