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04:07:18: <grn> hi
05:15:18: <john_metcalf> Hi :-)
07:14:26: <grn> What do you think about a browser implementation of CoreWar? I'm currently working on one and I'd like to hear your opinion.
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07:51:15: <itsy> Hi :-)
07:51:53: <itsy> grn: what will you be using to write the MARS? Just JavaScript and HTML5?
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07:55:44: <itsy> If it's licensed to allow use on other websites I'm sure it'll get used.
08:01:07: <itsy> If it lets you step through the source code and see the program working step by step that'd be a big bonus :-)
08:09:16: <grn> itsy: it's just JS and HTML, MIT licensed and allows you to single-step your code
08:10:17: <grn> I wanted to run a corewar server with battles on the server-side (run by node.js). Each battle can be later displayed in the browser. I chose JS to have the same engine on the client- and server-side.
08:13:42: <grn> you can get it here: https://github.com/grn/corewar. It may be currently malfunctional however as I'm porting the HTML app to AngularJS.
08:17:35: * itsy will look more closely later as we're going out for the day shortly. (To the World Egg Throwing Championships!)
08:19:34: <itsy> Something like this might be perfect to embed in tutorials. I think someone else might be working on a JavaScript MARS. Other than that I think there are a couple in Java and one in ActionScript.
08:20:36: <grn> itsy: I was lazy and I adapted the reference implementation from ICWS 94 to JS :-)
08:42:37: <itsy> grn: does the reference implementation include { * } addressing modes and SNE SEQ NOP LDP and STP opcodes?
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09:35:02: <grn> itsy: unfortunately not. Where can I find their definition?
09:35:32: <grn> I based my code on this http://www.koth.org/info/icws94.html
09:42:37: <john_metcalf> Try http://corewar.co.uk/icws94.txt
09:45:45: <john_metcalf> I'm not near the computer at the moment so can't check.
09:46:30: <john_metcalf> Also http://vyznev.net/corewar/guide.html
10:22:33: <grn> john_metcalf: it seems that I based my code on v3.2. Your first link is v3.3. But update shouldn't be hard.
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