Free Software Projects

Most of my development nowadays is done on BitBucket, so you should try there first.

My F/OSS projects are in one of four broad domains: Gregor's crazy dynamism (extremely dynamic projects), potentially useful nonsense (stuff which could be useful), amusement (games and other fun stuff), and JavaScript (which has become significant enough to separate itself from the other three groups).

Gregor's Crazy Dynamism

  • Plof (a highly-dynamic programming language)
  • Hackiki (the world's most hackable wiki)
  • HackBot (like Hackiki, in IRC bots)

Potentially Useful Nonsense

  • Color matcher (automatic color matcher, I use it to generate color schemes)



Also, see some old D-related projects and my hosted-project list (although some of those are not my software, just software hosted here, and others are just school projects)