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In my never ending quest to make EVIL Pong one of those ubiquitous web thingies, I am now taking $1 donations towards buying a domain name specifically for EVIL Pong. It only costs $12/year, so I don't need much.

Umm, I know that there are people visiting EVIL Pong who aren't my personal friends, and yet only my personal friends have signed my guestbook. Come on, guys, sign my guestbook - you don't have to post anything personal if you don't want to, just say hi so I know you're out there :-p

Some people don't seem to understand this: EVIL Pong is a MOCKERY of GWB . . . if you don't understand the sarcasm, that's pathetic. When he loses he says "I seem to have misunderestimated the enemy," if you don't get that sarcasm, you are clearly not in the right mindset to play this game.

Do you think GRegor is an evil heathen? Do you think EVIL Pong is great? Either way, feel free to message me, and I'll feel free to block you if you think the former! Actually, I probably won't, since even I think I'm an evil heathen.
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