Neural Color Matcher

(Generation 7)

As an experiment, Gregor Richards generated a neural network to determine whether color combinations are aesthetically pleasing. This is the result. The form below allows you to detect whether two colors match, generate matching colors, or generate non-matching colors (if you want that for some reason). The color scheme of this web page is also generated using this neural network; you can change it by clicking the "Re-scheme this page" button below.

For the curious, the code used to collect the data and generate the neural network is also available here. The collected data is here. The final color matching code on this page is available under a very liberal license. You can use it in your own pages with the following tag:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
You can use the auto-schemer as used on this page like so:
<body onload="autoScheme();">
The code to forcibly rescheme the page is:
Please hotlink to for the source, as it will be updated occasionally with new data. The source referred to above has been obfuscated by YUI to conserve space, the original human-readable source is here. For some (limited) information on using colormatch, see the source of this page. A graph of the evolution process is also available here.

You may also help improve the matching by submitting more data. Go to to match colors. (Update 2009-04-14: Now online again!). The (not very interesting) source for the data gatherer is at

Color 1:
Color 2:

Clicking "Random" will generate a random second color which matches the first. That is, you must set Color 1 before choosing Color 2 randomly.

Other stuff: An example of using the auto-schemer with multiple background colors is at multibg.html.